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Everything you need to know in order to have a healthy baby

Fulfilling a Healthy Pregnancy

* The total amount of weight that you should gain during your pregnancy depends on your weight whenever you became pregnant

* Women whose weight was in the healthy range when they became pregnant should gain 25-35 pound during their pregnancy

* If you are gaining weight too fast, then cut back on your calories

* Decrease the amount of "extras" that you eat

Nutritional Needs During Pregnancy

* When becoming pregnant, you should stay on a normal diet but you may need to make your portions a little bit bigger. Make sure that you eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, and grains.

* Make sure to eat a lot of nutrient dense foods
* When chosing from the vegetable group carrots, pumpkin, spinach, and tomatoes are always great choices

* When chosing from the fruit group, oranges, prunes, and bananas are always great options

* When chosing from the dairy group chose fat-free and skim milks & lowfat yogurts

* Make sure to eat lots of proteins

Foods to Avoid

Critical Vitamins

* Vitamins and supplements cannot replace a healthy diet. Most doctors reccomend that pregnant women take a prenatal vitaming and a minneral supplement, as well as eating a healthy diet every day. Taking suplements ensure that you and your baby will be getting enough nutrients like folic acid and iron.

* Don't over take your vitamins. Get yourself on a daily schedule

* Taking extra can be harmful for not only you but also your baby

Newborn Diet

- Birth - 4 Months :

* About the 16th week of your pregnancy your body will startproducing a thick, sticky yellowish milk. This is called colostrum

* Colostrum is anti-body rich and it is exactly what your baby needs for the first 2-3 days of the babies life every 2 hours

- 4 - 6 Months :

* At this point, breast milk and formula are still plenty for your baby, but you might want to go ahead and try to start feeding them solid foods

- 7 - 9 Months : Time to start feeding your child finger foods

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First Year Of Life Diet

* At about 6 months, most babies are ready for other foods

* Along with other foods you can continue to feed your baby berast milk until age 2

* You'll know when your baby is ready to start on other foods when :

- Seems hungrier than usual

- Opens mouth whenever they see food coming

- Can sit up without support

* Start introducing your child to a variety of foods

* Choose foods with high iron to start off with