stop smoking now!!!!!!


  • If you start to smoke in you teen life you well still be addicted by the age 20 year old.
  • Cigarettes have over more than 4,000 chimicals and 2,000 poisons.
  • Smoking and second hand smoking kills people more that any thing.
  • The main product in cigarettes are either heroine and cocaine.
  • Smoker die even earlier then nonsmokers because of all the chimecals in the cigareittes.
  • If you are a teen and if people see you smoke under the age of 18 you will might or not go to jill and if you dont you well just pay big fine

How people will find out your are a smoker

  • When you come in the house the person walking passed you will smell you.
  • When you are talking and your with the family and they smell your breath then they know to are a smoker.
  • If you are a smoker your teeth will turn yellow and then everyone will look at your teeth .
  • The last way people or family members well know is if your finger nails are yellow.

There are ways you can stop!!!!

  • Frist thing is to get the nasty smell off your clothes and wash them at least twice.
  • Then throw away all of your cigarettes and even the ones you keep for emergency.
  • After you do all that you have to forget about somking like when you done with you meal dont some go to a friends house of either talk on the phone withfriends or either a family member.
  • The last way to stop smoking is to substitute the cigarettes like munch on chips or some kind of food.