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BWW Business Building Seminars

BWW India brings a regular schedule of leading Diamond and Emerald speakers to regional meetings across the India. Ordinary people who have become extraordinary achievers share their Amway success journey experience LIVE in the BBS Sessions and give us very valuable insights on how to work this business.

The seminars are immensely useful to existing and new Amway Business Owners (ABO) who seek answer to the following questions..

  • Is this a good & right business to be in?
  • Does this business really work and Will this business work for me?
  • How can I build this business, given my existing time and family challenges?
  • How can we professionally build it better, faster, stronger and profitable?

Be sure to attend the seminar, learn and grow and invite members of our team as well to attend and benefit!! Get in touch with us for the tickets...

Business Building Seminar @Chennai

Thursday, July 18th 2013 at 6:30-8:30pm

Anna Salai Rd

Tamil Nadu

Mr. L V Nethaji & Dr. N Sripriya (Namakkal, Tamilnadu)

I am an Electrical and Electronics Engineer and Sripriya is a Dentist by Profession.When I saw this business, I had three jobs in my hand. A Technical Officer job in Army, Lecturer job in an Engineering College and a Software job in a leading Software company.

I was sponsored by a stranger who met me on a bus travel. I first joined this business as I felt there was nothing to lose, but eventually I realised its actual potential when I started using the products and saw the business plan and when I started attending meetings .

I started the business at the age of 21. Initially, I faced lot of criticism and rejections. Many of my friends and relatives thought that I had made a wrong decision. But by working consistently and persistently, I proved my decision was right when I qualified as the youngest Ruby Direct in South India.

In 2004, Sripriya came into my life and after she joined me, I experienced the real joy and power of working together. Now we are blessed with a 6 years old son LVN.Vishvajit Raj.

We started our Amway business at Namakkal and now it has been spread to each and every districts in our state and to few more other states in our country. We have also expanded our business in few other countries.

We thank God for enabling us to understand this business opportunity and we thank our parents for their kind and continuous encouragement. This wonderful business opportunity is a great package which provides us Financial Security, Social Recognition, Personality Development, Free Foreign Tours, Time Freedom, Good Friends and a Great Life style. We are also excited that we can help others realize their dreams through this opportunity.

Amway and BWW system has taught us to live a happy life and face the challenges in life with the right attitude. We have been taught to be better people by respecting and helping others. It has given me two important things. "Choice" and "Control". Choice of what I want to do, when I want to do it, whom I want to be with, where I want to go and Control over how much time I can spend on all those things.

We are grateful to our great uplines and we are proud of our team for their continuous love, support and blessings. Our special thanks to Amway, BWW and our crosslines. We are thankful to the great BWW system for their continous support in our success

Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success. If we can, every one can.

Business Building Seminar (BBS) @Bangalore

Sunday, July 28th 2013 at 5-7pm

1st A Cross Road

Bangalore, KA

R Gabriel Rajakumar & Deepa Sujatha G (Mechanical Engineer & Housewife)

I am a housewife and my husband is a Mechanical Engineer. We are blessed two wonderful supportive kids Jacinth and Jasper. We had big dreams and when we started this business we realized that this was God given opportunity to make all our dreams come true.

We started building this perseverance, passion and determination with Done Deal Attitude. We inspired and built hopes in many families and brought them to Success Rut, by investing quality time with them. We understood the highest value activity in our life is to add value to other\'s lives. The success in this business is determined by quality of relationship we build and maintain.

This success is happening just because of the effectiveness of our team and readiness to strike big goals of our entire great team. We thank Amway for rewarding us for our dreams and labour. We are grateful to the Britt System which moulded us to this level.

Business Building Seminar (BBS) @Mumbai

Sunday, July 21st 2013 at 3-5pm

Shanmukhananda Hall, Sion East, Sion, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Dr. Rajkumar More and Mrs. Seeta More

We belongs to middle class family and blessed with a genius two sons Rohan and Rutweek. I am home maker & beautician. I studied up to graduation. My husband was University Lecturer & HOD with excellent academic qualification: post graduate in Physics, Electronics science, computer Science, M.Phil. GRE & TOEFL and up to Ph. D. from leading University. He served 14 years govt. job in teaching profession.

My husband’s friend Dr Ganesh & Bhagyashri Patil who is also a Ph. D. Lecturer in Mathematics ,showed this opportunity. Initially my husband was not that much serious but Mumbai FED 2000 opened his VISION (Money +Time+ Income Security package) he started supporting me with great passion, enthusiasam & whole heartedly. We build it everyday with faith, right attitude, great work ethics and great momentum.

Rajkumar was too busy in teaching job and various administrative work of University. India got freedom on 15th August, my husband got freedom from Govt. job on 15th August, 2002, within 23 month of joining Amway opportunity, it happened due to great momentum. Now he is free man and I am free woman. Freedom from job and freedom form boss is awesome, freedom does not carry price tag. We are free since last 9 years and are enjoying every moment of life. He gave quality time to me , our sons and very young 90 years age healthy mother-in-law.

We are leading a life of significance, with improvement in our self in mental, physical, social, financial and spiritual too. Enjoying many rewards like quality time, quality products, personality development, positive attitude, positive association, financial flexibility, respect & recognition, name & fame, life style, quality education to children, luxury cars and free foreign trips every years.

We have travelled around the world Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, great wall of China, Eiffel Tower in France, Switzerland etc. We are going to visit Hobort, Australia, Toronto Canada this year.

Hence we say that rewards in the Amway with BWW system is far outweigh rewards in compared with traditional job, profession or any other business. I am thankful of my mom,dad & brothers who have supported a lot,They used to stay with our children when we were outdoors.

We thanks Rich and Jay: founders of Amway, Bill & Peggy Britt who founded BWW system and expanded all over world, our country mentor Kanti and Lata Gala due to his efforts Britt India expanded across the country with huge growth, my awesome two mentors Kulin & Meena Desai and Kiran & Sneh Desai, great upline and our most committed, loving and most united downlines for standing with us through out the wonderful journey of Diamondship.

Our mission through this opportunity ( Amway with BWW system) is to help lot of people fulfil their dreams and live better life. This business is our life, our passion. We will put all our efforts to become Founders Crown Ambassador. Everybody can succeed in this opportunity who have strong dreams and willing to change, willing to work consistent and persistently for couple of years. DREAM BIG GO CAM.

BBS in Other Cities

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