Animal Flyer Project

The Cheetah. By Lizzie Burnett

The Cheetah

Classification order:

-Kingdom: Animailia, Phylum: Chordata, Order: Mammalia, Class: Carnivora, Family: Felidae, Genus: Acinonyx, Species: Jubatus

Evolutionary relationships:

-People often confuse Cheetah with leopards. They are closely related because of their looks.


- Cheetahs are found in grasslands stalking their prey and also habitats such as deserts and mountain terrain with dense vegetation. The dense vegetation gives more supplies of food and water for themselves. Cheetahs are still found in a few different parts of eastern and southern Africa. The most highest population of wild Cheetahs is now in Namibia in south-western Africa

Diet, Lifestyle, & their actions


-Cheetahs are carnivorous animals. They hunt and kill other animals. such Animals are large herbivores like a Gazelle, Antelopes such as Wildebeest, Zeebras, and also smaller mammals like Hares. Also, the diet of a cheetah depends on where they live and what their surroundings include.

Evolutionary Relationships & Social interactions:

-Cheetahs are solitary animals. Some males may live in a small group. Cheetahs are able to mate any time during the year. Males and females will mate during their lifetimes. A male cheetah won't remain with the female cheetah after they have mated.


-Cheetahs are the fastest land mammals on Earth by being able to reach speeds up to 70 miles per hour. Their body allows them to be built for stealth, agility, and speed. Their hind legs and their incredible flexible and muscular spine allows the Cheetah to sprint. The cheetahs have non-retractable claws, which dig into the ground so that they will have a better grip for speed.

Interesting facts: Size and Predators


-Usually grow between 3.5-5 feet in length. The tail adds an additional 2.5-3 feet in length. Adult cheetahs weigh between 80-145 pounds


-The cheetah is a main predator in their environments. They are not seen as prey, but more like competition by other large predators. One big threat to a cheetah are people who have taken areas of natural habitat for themselves and turned land into National Parks. People also hunt cheetah's for their fur.