2015 review

Jaslin P.

Best marketed clothing brands of 2015

1. Nike

2. H&M

3. forever 21


1. Nike has made many ways to market their product in order to get the consumers attention, for instance celebrities and very famous athletes endorse their products

2. H&M is known for its fast fashion trends for the public and includes clothing accessories footwear and swimwear.

3. forever 21 is well known for great economic prices for women who live in breathe style

#1 Product of 2015

Apple Ipad - 211 million sales
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#2 Product of 2015

Beats by Dr. Dre
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2 worst products of 2015

1. Touch pad

2. google glass

Best artist of 2015

1. Fetty Wap

2. The Weeknd


The Weeknd's most recent album" beauty behind the madness" was very successful and also his mix tapes got a lot of attention in the beginning of the year leading to his career in the r&b music industry

Fetty Wap rose to fame with his single "trap queen" which is a very big song and released his debut album in September of 2015

Top 10 artist 2015

1. Adele

2. Justin Bieber

3. Drake

4. The Weeknd

5. One Direction

6. Fetty Wap

7. Twenty one pilots

8. Selena Gomez

9. Meghan Trainor

10. Demi Lovato

New years resolution

To not be so shy around people and be more acquainted. Also be more physically active.