321 Introduction

Epifanova Ekaterina

3 things about tourism I remember from our last year's course and I like the most

The first one was the case study about designing a tour.

It was very useful as our future profession is connected with creating various tours. As a result, I learn a lot about it.
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How to deal with complaints?

There are always tourists who find something to complain about so we should know how to deal with them and what should we offer these guests.
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It was something new for me. However, it's simple programm for ordinary user with modern and interesting opportunities.
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2 of my favourite activities in the world connected with tourism.

I have my own little tradition. If I have an opportunity and time i visit zoos in every country:) It's very interesting not only to look after animals but compare conditions in which these animals are kept. It shows a lot about the country or city in general.
The second thing I like the most is travelling by car. We travel with our friends by several cars. It's wonderful! We enjoy more amazing places than tourists, who travels by plane.

Dream job of mine

I haven't had a dream job. However, I think it will be connected with communications. Maybe it will be the Industry of Hospitality.
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