Grade Three Update

Thursday, 18th February 2016

Our Unit: Who We Are

We have begun to investigate the systems within the human body as our fourth unit has begun. The level of student enthusiasm is characteristically high as we explore the ways in which these systems function and how they are linked. A special thank you goes to the many parents within the medical profession who have agreed to come and share their expertise with the classes.

We will look at seven body systems: skeletal, muscular, nervous, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and reproductive. There will be a strong focus on the healthy maintenance of these systems through positive lifestyle choices, and we encourage parents to discuss the effects of lifestyle choices on the body at home.


In literacy, students are learning paraphrasing skills in conjuction with the research we are doing on body systems. Taking information from texts and rewording it is an important skill and students continue to practise it by using the large number of books in each class. Thank you to all the kids who have lent books to the class for the unit - it's great to have so many resources. With them, students have been practising note-taking and other important research skills.


In mathematics, we have started looking at multiplication. Students have already shown their keenness to understand more about this operation, and are taking to classroom activities with great enthusiasm. We have looked at a range of multiplication strategies, starting with repeated addition and grouping before moving onto arrays and commutation. These skills are being put into practice with the commencement of the second Maths Championship, which is this time centred on multiplication.


Throughout the past two weeks, we have been busy working on our Fairtrade posters and are proud to say that they are now finished. Come and check out the classrooms and display boards to have a look at the great results!

This week, we have started introducing our new unit. It is about appreciation and improvement of our local environment. Therefore, we will explore our school surroundings on Friday and look for ways of showing appreciation and non-appreciation in our neighbourhood. The end assessment will be a an exciting project in which the kids can become very creative and invent something new that helps to improve our environment! The language focus in this unit will be the past tense and the future.

We are looking forward to a creative interesting unit!

Three-Way Conferences

Thank you to all the parents who made time to come and be a part of the Three-Way Conferences. They were a great opportunity for students to share their learning with parents, and gave the classes an opportunity to do some reflective writing and to think about their goals and objectives for the remainder of the school year. It was great to sit down with both parents and kids in this way, so once again, thanks for being part of it.

Baker Books

In addition this week, please find information about how to order English books for your family through Baker Books in the link below. Your child will also come home with a catalogue regarding this in the coming days. All the information you need is included in the flyer link below.

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