By: Mikayla Clark

Hemophilia is a genetic disease that causes blood to not clot properly. Clotting helps stop bleeding after an injury or a cut, if your blood doesn't clot a cut will bleed too much causing a large amount of blood being lost. A normal body has 13 blood clotting factors that work together to help clot blood. Having too little clotting factors for example only having 7 or 8, is what causes hemophilia. The physical features are excessive internal and external bleeding, as well as easy bruising. There are no mental or emotional features that are caused by this genetic disease. Patients of the disease typically find out they have the disease by when they get into an accident where they bleed abnormally; way more than most people would in that situation, so you could say the time frame of the disease hits all at once, but victims of the disease are born with it. Victims start to see symptoms either as they are growing up but most do not find out they have Hemophilia until they are severely injured and bleed abnormally a lot. If the disease is properly treated the lifespan is not at all affected, although if patient has severe Hemophilia and is untreated the disease could take their life before they even become an adult. The care level for the disease varies by age and how severe disease is. Mild Hemophilia does not need many precautions just be careful, Mid-severity the precautions are just be careful and stay away from sharp edges, and very severe you should stay away from very sharp things and be extremely careful not to get cuts or bumps. If you are a parent of a baby/toddler with the disease you may want to add a few precautions to your home for example replace hard floors with soft such as carpet, as learning to walk get elbow and knee pads because most bleeds occur around joints, put gates around stairs to prevent falls, put bumper pads in crib and cushion furniture with sharp edges. Parents of preschoolers should set strict rules like no riding a bike without a helmet, no running in the house, ect. and make sure kids follow these rules. People with Hemophilia should not participate in contact sports such as football, wrestling, and hockey. Although non-contact sports like running, golf, bowling, ect. are recommended because they strengthen joints which decreases how often you bleed, doing these activities will lessen the symptoms. No emotional support is needed since victims of Hemophilia are not emotionally effected by this disorder. The individual does not need extra education support, or should not attend alternative school, regular schooling will be fine just be sure to inform teacher or teachers and school nurses about the condition so in case of bleeding the adults know how to help stop the bleeding. The most common and best treatment is factor replacement therapy. In this treatment the missing factor protein is injected to affected person's vein, and immediately available in the bloodstream so body can continue to clot and stop bleeding.