Thank You For Your Business

Just wanted to Drop ya'll a note to say...

Last week you made a purchase with us, and I just wanted to send you this to thank you for your business. I hope that everything is working out with your new product(s) and you were happy with your experience here.

I make it my personal mission to get you the best possible deal (while still maintaining a profitable business of course) and provide you with the best customer service as possible. I hope that you feel this was the case in your experience with me.

Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions or if you need anything else.

With our recent reopening as The Tank Depot, we are continuously, trying to grow our business and let the community know we are here. In today's society, one of the major forms of communication is Social Media. That is why, if you are happy with your product and/or service, we ask that you help spread the word by liking us on Facebook (link provided below). Not only will you be helping us, but we are regularly posting new products, information and current events on water storage / rain harvesting, so you may benefit from it too. For example next week we will be posting information an links about tax exemptions for those who participate in rain harvesting (most of you know about the sales tax exemption, but do you know about the property tax exemptions available?) and also will be posting some wireless tank gauges that allow you to check the level of your tank from the comfort of your own home.

Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you again.


Tank Depot

New Braunfels