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Eating Healthful Is Important

Why Nutrition is important

Nutrition is very important.You need minerals,vitamins,carbs,proteins, and water.Without them,you would be tired and unhealthy.You need a certain amount each day.You need the largest amount of Carbs.Carbs give you energy.Carbs are foods like bread.You also need minerals,vitamins,fats,proteins,and water.Each food group is very important.

Balanced Diet

You need nutrients for energy,growth,and fighting disease.You need these nutrients from a balanced diet to stay healthy.Eat your meals and make healthful choices so you can grow and be healthy.
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Safe Eating

Eating safe is very important for your health.You can get sick from food poisoning if it was processed by a worker who didn't wash his/her hands.Make sure leftovers were stored properly.Make sure you don't eat expired food or leftovers that are more than 3 or 4 days old.

Weight Management

To stay healthy you need to have a healthful weight.If you need to loose weight you need to use more calories than you gain.If you are underweight you need to gain more calories than you use. Exercises that build muscle can help you gain weight such as push-ups.To stay at a healthful weight you need to use as much calories as you gain.