Richmond Student Materials Pick-Up

May 11, 2020

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Dear parents,

Your continued efforts with remote learning are very impressive. We appreciate your support of your child’s continued learning at home. The last week of the school year is going to look a little different from the other weeks of remote learning. We hope that this plan provides a healthy balance between continuing engaged learning and providing meaningful closing activities for students. Our final week of school will be centered around 4 C's:

  • Conclude: it is the top priority for our students to finish up the learning and completion of assignments that have been given throughout the remote learning period. Your child's teacher(s) will notify you of any outstanding assignments that need to be completed. Students may use the last week of school to get support and submit these materials through May 22nd. In addition, your child's teacher may provide additional directions and activities for this week. Look for communication from your child’s classroom teacher.

  • Cultivate: if your child has completed their previous required learning, District 303 is offering a wide array of opportunities to learn and grow in areas and topics that inspire each individual student during the last week of school. To access these learning opportunities, click here.

  • Collect: we know many students have belongings that are still at school, so we have provided guidance on how families and students can collect their belongings before the school year is over below.

  • Connect: your child's teacher(s) will be providing an opportunity to connect through a live virtual session sometime during the last week of school as well as a virtual field day on May 22nd. These meetings are a great way to interact with teachers and have a chance to say good-bye before the summer break. We hope you will encourage your student to attend.


Families will be able to pick up their children’s materials curbside on Tuesday, May 19th. Teachers are working hard to ensure that all of your child’s belongings are sent home. Below is a schedule for the day. If you have children in multiple grades, please plan to come during your youngest student’s timeslot. To avoid delays, please try to adhere to the scheduled times below. If there is a conflict with your scheduled time, please email Lucy Stromsta at or call and leave a message at (331) 228-2800.

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Pick-Up Procedures:

  • Parents are asked to drive up entering the bus drop off lane, and pull all the way to the stop sign in the bus lane during their assigned time.

  • Please ensure to leave adequate space for the car in front of you to open their trunk and for a staff member to be able to walk to load the vehicle in front of you.

  • Please either pop your trunk or open your back door or window from the inside of your car.

  • Please stay in your vehicle. Staff members will place items in your car for curbside pick-up.

  • No parent/student will be permitted in the school building during this process.

  • Please have a paper in the passenger front window with the information in the illustration below.

  • A printable template can be found HERE or you can just write on paper.

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DROP-OFF - Classroom or LRC borrowed items (example: books)

Once our staff member delivers your student’s items into your car, please pull to the left side along the curb to the drop off bins. Please drop any items needing to be returned to the school in the designated bins.

  • Please put any borrowed items you have at home in a plastic bag.

  • Label the bag with your student’s name and classroom teacher or LRC if it is a library book.

  • You might have multiple bags for multiple students or building location (i.e. classroom or LRC. If you have borrowed items from your classroom and LRC, please try to place them in separate bags and have them labeled properly).

  • No parent/student will be permitted in the school building during this process.


Technology and student instruments for all students will be KEPT at home throughout the summer, this includes 5th grade students. If you have moved and will not attend a D303 school next year please contact or leave a message at (331) 228-2800 to arrange the return of your Chromebooks.


The health office staff will be available to bring any medication that was left in the health office out to a parent for pickup and signature on that day as well. The health office staff will call you on Monday May 11 with a list of what you have in the office. When you arrive, please alert a staff member with a walkie talkie and they will prompt the health office staff to bring out your items. If you need to arrange a different time for pick up, please email Nurse Sherry and we will schedule accordingly.


  • Report Cards will be available in Home Access Center (HAC) on Thursday, May 28th. Please note this is a change from what was previously communicated.

  • Third Trimester report cards will look slightly different this year because of Remote Learning.

  • Students will not receive markings under the “Learning Characteristics” section.

    • Competencies that are marked on the report card will reflect only those most essential standards that were covered during Remote Learning. This means there will be less competencies marked than in previous trimesters or years.

    • Teachers are doing the best that they can to accurately determine where your child is in relation to these competencies. Please remember that student work and assessments have looked differently during this trimester.

Frequently asked questions:

What if I can’t make the pick up time scheduled for my child’s class?

We have blocked off 5:30-6:30 p.m. for make-up pick-up, but if that doesn’t work for you, contact Lucy Stromsta at or (331) 228-2800.

I have multiple siblings at Richmond, can I pick up at the same time?

Yes, you may. We are putting siblings with the youngest child in the family, however, if that time does not work for you, please e-mail Lucy at or leave a message at (331) 228-2800.

What do I do if I receive an item that is not mine?

We will have bins outside door #1 at Richmond for you to drop off between 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. to return to school from May 20th-May 22nd.

What do I do if I’m missing something of my child’s?

Please call us and leave a message at (331) 228-2800. Please give your name, a call back number, your child’s name and teacher and a description of the missing item.

What if I have a gift for my child’s teacher?

We will have a cart for items to be returned to your child’s classroom available at curbside pick up. You may drop the gift in that cart and it will be delivered to your child’s classroom for him/her teacher to retrieve.

What if I have library books?

Place books in a plastic ziploc bag labeled LRC and drop off in the drop off bins at curbisde pick-up.

What about student Chromebooks?

All students (including current 5th graders) keep their Chromebooks for the summer. If you are not returning to D303 next year, please e-mail Irma Dominguez at

What about band/orchestra instruments?

Students are to keep their band/orchestra instruments over the summer.

I’m not returning to D303 next year, what do I do next?

Contact Irma Dominguez at