Clyde's Corner

Mrs. Clyde - Issue No.2 - September 2016

Class News

This past week we have worked on our school responsibilities.
These include:
  • Bringing your binder and backpack to school everyday
  • Doing your reading homework (and reminding mom or dad to sign it!)
  • Putting away your backpack, lunch and coat in your locker
  • Having your supplies ready to go (pencil, school box, papers)
  • Taking care of your book box and shopping for new books each week
  • Returning your library books and checking out new ones (5 each week!)
  • Putting things away when you get them out
    And so many more.....

Your kids are growing up and we work hard in school at learning to take care of our own responsibilities. First grade is the year of much growth in this area. You can help at home by helping your child have a place where their backpack is always kept and expecting your child to take care of their binder. If you don't have a time and place where your child does homework I encourage you to figure that out now as well. I promise if you work hard at setting the routines and expectations now it will pay off when they are older and it is just second nature. With a 16 year old and 14 year old I am thankful that my kids learned these routines and expectations when they we were young. If you would like some ideas to help you with these things I would be happy to talk to you more about it during conferences.

A Word About Homework.....

At this point your child should be reading every night, and on Tuesday & Wednesday reading in their Fluency Folder. The Fluency Folder will come home again on Tuesday. It will have sight words that we are working on in class. Sight words are typically words that you cannot sound out and really need to learn by memory. They are also referred to as "high-frequency words" because they are the words most often used in reading and writing. When kids can fluently (quick and accurate) read these words then they are well on their way to being a fluent reader. If your child knows all of the words on the list, you can time him or her and see how quickly the words can be read. Set a goal and see how many words are read in a minute. Then see if they can beat their time. I will be sending more information home about sight words, but these are a great place to start.

RAZ Kids

Thank you to the families who have paid the $5.00 for your child's RAZ Kids subscription. Last week I took the kids to the computer lab to teach them how to use the reading program. This week we will start using it regularly in the classroom. I will also be sending home your child's log in info. this week. RAZ Kids is a leveled reading program that focuses on reading fluency. It also checks comprehension. Kids are asked to listen to a story. Read the story. Then answer a few questions about the story. I receive a report on their progress so I can monitor their work.

The Ridgecrest Way

Each week we are looking at the Ridgecrest Way. We have been practicing how to be respectful, responsible, kind and safe throughout the school as well as in our classroom. This week we will be talking about kindness. I encourage you to ask your son or daughter how they showed kindness to someone this week.

October Conferences

We have conferences scheduled October 12th, 13th, 14th

Please check out the google doc to find your scheduled time. You can change or schedule the time right on the doc or you can email me with any changes. I have a few families that have not scheduled yet. If one of the available times does not work, please let me know and I will try my best to accommodate your schedule.

Dates To Remember:

Oct. 12 - 14 - Early Release: Conferences

A quick reminder to check your child's binder everyday and don't forget to sign that reading log. A new one will be sent home every Monday! THANKS!