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A Weekly Newsletter from Mrs. London's Class March 10-14

Weekly Note from Mrs. London

Mazel Tov to all of the students in our class who were in the school play. I loved watching them perform and they did a fantastic job! Thank you also for taking the time to work with your child as they interviewed you about what your school community was like. I can't wait for you to see the final book at Young Author's Night! Please look at the important dates below and mark your calendar for our class Seder on April 9 at 1:40 with Morah Galia.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Shabbat Shalom,

Mrs. London

Important Dates

Monday, March 17: Second Grade Bake Sale and Purim Celebration

Wednesday March 19: No Homework Night

Friday March 21: Kabbalat Shabbat will start at 8:05 am

** Wednesday, April 9 at 1:40 pm will be our class Seder with Morah Galia

FUTURE DATE TO PUT ON CALENDAR: Thursday, May 1, 2014 at 11:00 am Mitzvah Ball (to celebrate their Mitzvah Project with the Jewish Home). All families are invited to attend!

What Did We Learn This Week?

Language Arts

This week in language arts our phonics and spelling rule was the vowel dipthong -ou and -ow. We practiced this with poetry, decodable readers, word sorts and our spelling words. In grammar we learned about adjectives and also incorporated this into our writing center where we described our favorite food, and our social studies activity where we described the American Flag. Our comprehension strategy this week was main idea and details and we reviewed this in our guided reading groups as we read informational text. In literacy centers we picked a flashcard with a pair of homonyms and wrote sentences for each word and then illustrated it. We also practiced our comprehension with short passages, our phonics with the decodable reader Joan's Goats and Moe's Crows, and our subtraction with the iPad app Math Bingo. In writer's workshop we worked on putting the finishing touches on our All About Matter informational books which included finishing our writing, illustrations, title page and table of contents. We look forward to having our second publishing party next week!


In math this week we started on chapter fifteen which is all about two-digit subtraction. Our math vocabulary is subtraction facts, difference, count back, regroup, and digit. We worked on subtracting tens, counting back tens and ones, deciding when to regroup, subtracting a one-digit number from a two-digit number, and finally subtracting two-digit numbers with regrouping. We learned a subtraction poem to help us remember the steps: More on the top? No need to stop! More on the floor? Go next door...and get 10 more! Numbers the same? Zero's the game!

Social Studies

This week we started unit 3 in social studies: We Love Our Country. We started learning about our country through important symbols and focused this week on the American Flag. We integrated our grammar and wrote descriptive sentences about the American Flag that used lots of adjectives. We then worked with a partner to share our writing and add in more details. We also listened to the non-fiction story Our Flag by Cynthia Rothman and learned about the history of the American Flag. We then made a chart of the main idea and details and transferred this writing onto our own American Flag.


Dear 1st grade parents,

Our second week learning about the holiday of פורים Purim, started with Holiday songs, related blessings and verbal expression of what we are dressing up as.

We continued with a story about - ונהפוך הואon Purim – everything is upside down and backwards!

On Friday we made אוזני המן משלוח מנות MISHLOACH MANOT OZNEY HAMAN (Hamantashen)--- exchange of food baskets.

These are the 4 mitzvahs (commandments) for PURIM- challenge your child to do all four:

1. Reading the Megilah מגילה

2. Exchanging gifts of food משלוח מנות

3. Giving Tzedakah to the poor צדקה

4. Having a Purim feast סעודת פורים

Please enjoy this recipe for PURIM:

Ozney Haman

אוזני המן

Haman’s ears—a Purim treat!

6 cups of flour

2 cups sugar

4 tbs baking powder

Dash of salt

**** mix above ingredients and make a hole in the middle.


4 eggs

1 cup oil

1\2 cup orange juice

Knead the dough and put in the fridge for a few hours or overnight.

**** roll out the dough with a rolling pin- sprinkle flour if sticky, cut out round circles, fill with jelly, poppy seed or chocolate kisses and fold into triangles.

**** bake in a 400 oven for about 10 minutes.

Happy Purim!!!!

Happy Purim and Shabbat Shalom,

Galia Sabbag

Jewish Studies

This week in Jewish Studies we did our usual learning of the Torah. We also added a lesson this week about respect. Each week the first graders will be focusing on a different Davis Menschlekeit Value. In class we discussed what respect looks like at home, at school, and in our community. This is in preparation for their exciting Young Authors’ Night writing assignment!

Shabbat Shalom!

Ms. Solmson