Note Cuturelle

Katie Rickman

Being a Guest

When you're invited to someones home, it is a must that you bring a small gift to show appreciation. Flowers, except chrysanthemums, and candy are the most common to give. Also, there a few conversation topics that should be avoided, such as speaking about age, profession, or political affiliation.

Typical French Home

Unlike most standard bedrooms in the USA, most French bedrooms don't have closets. Armoires are typically where you'll see hanging clothes. You could say that the typical American home is a little more technology oriented, with the average number of television being 3. French homes have just one television set, and it set up in a room where everyone can watch it. It's also very odd to find the toilet in the same room as the sink, shower, or tub.


Unlike the english language that we speak, when you compliment someone house or possessions it's the same response and complimenting someones appearance or clothes. Common responses include "Tu troves? C'est vrai? Vraiment?" and "C'est gentil!"


One of the most popular places to visit in Paris is the famous Notre-Dame. The Notre-Dame is a Gothic cathedral built in the thirteenth century where it stood until the sixteenth century. The physical appearance of the building includes the Romanesque architecture on the left and the very elegant Gothic towers on the right. Amazingly missed in all the wars and battles, the original stain-glass windows still are standing and shining their rich colors. This amazing piece of ancient architecture was the beginning of the Gothic construction all around the world.
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