Coaching 4 P's

Review, Preview, Praise and Problems: Nov. 9-13


  1. I am concerned that teacher's may not have enough background knowledge (or possibly time) to reach the higher readers in their classrooms. I am afraid that sending them to different grades for group instruction may keep teachers from knowing reading behaviors and strengths for cross-curricular instruction. I DO believe that multi-age classrooms have some positive aspects, but if we have those kids at any point in the day we need to know what they can do and where we can take them from there.
  2. I am also concerned about the thinking and reactions of upper-elementary classroom teachers in terms of small group instruction. ELA AND Math can be taught with small groups all the way from kindergarten to high school. I think we need to find model classrooms that exemplify this. Here's an idea: have two reading coaches who co-teach and practice the theories and suggestions we offer teachers. The teachers could alternate yearly between teaching the classroom and attending coaches' training. The classroom would also give the "coach" the ability to come in and video lessons to use as coaching tools across the district. This would also keep the coaches "in the trenches" so that we never forget what it actually feels like.
  3. Teachers continue to see John Collins as a separate program. With this perception, it is seen as just something else to do. I would love an extended amount of time in a school so that I could spend 2-3 weeks in a classroom showing how this CAN be done.