Professional Softball Player

By: Elysia Garcia


  1. “Each team is limited to 20 players, with a salary cap of $150,000” (Thomas).
  2. Mendoza said, “ Players typically earn 8,000 to 50,000 dollars a season, which runs from June to August” (Thomas).
  3. The more fans that attend to softball games the more money they get (Thomas).
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  1. “Endurance workouts three time per week in the preseason and twice per week during the season will build endurance and stamina” (Winchell).
  2. “One 30-minute bike workout each week will help reduce running-related injuries” (Winchell).
  3. “Eight to 10 sprints between home and outfield fence with a walk-back recoveries it will build up endurance and stamina” (Winchell).
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  1. Depending on your league, your bats have to be certain length, weight, and kind (Ashe-Edmunds).
  2. “Softballs come in variety of sizes, from 10 inches to 16 inches in circumference” (Ashe-Edmunds).
  3. “ Whether you play in an ASA-sponsored league or an independent association, a fast pitch softball hitter should always wear a helmet” (Ashe-Edmunds).
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Injury Prevention

  1. “Rest, ice, compression, and elevation is the first step in treating an acute injury accompanied by pain and swelling” (Softball).
  2. “ Athletes should stop playing and apply ice directly to the injured area for 20-minutes” (Softball).
  3. “After icing, an ACE bandage can be used to limit swelling” (Softball).
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