Livingston Elementary

Monthly Newsletter November 2022

Principal's Message

Happy November!

November starts the month of celebrating our families, eating too much food, gathering together and being thankful for all that we have. We have so much to be thankful for I bet our students will be thinking and writing about that soon.

As we approach the holidays I encourage you to communicate with the office and teacher when and if your child is going to be gone from school. While there is a lot going on, our students and teachers will be hard at work covering important material from now until very last day of school.

Thank you for donating to our Veteran's Military Mobility fundraiser. Our District raised $3,737.65!! Our Livingston 2nd grade raised the most for Livingston, $247.54! Their reward was the picture of myself covered in silly string. Everyone had so much fun! I think there were approximately 60 cans of empty silly string at the end of recess.

Our Veteran's Day Assembly will be at CHS on November 10th. This event is open to Veterans but not all parents. Please have your child dress nicely in red, white, and blue. I am excited to see their hard work paying off! I know that we will do our Veterans proud!

Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up, November 8th and 10th. If you are not sure of your time, please contact the office or your child's teacher. We look forward to seeing our students and their parents to discuss current progress. Your attendance is crucial for not only important information regarding your student but also our Title I funding. Each teacher will have a sign in sheet, please sign in.

Thank you to all of your hard work with your students each and every day. We appreciate you working with your students and reading every day! It is so important that students not only read but be read to. I have added a link to one of my own kiddos favorite reads. Ranger Rick!

Have a wonderful month of November and an even better start to your Holiday Season!

-Mrs. Lewis

Save the Date:

Tuesday, November 1: Bracelet Making @3:30-4:15pm

Wednesday, November 2: PTC conference sheet due back to the teacher.

Wednesday, November 2: Bracelet Making @3:30-4:15pm

Wednesday, November 2: 4th Grade Field Trip

Sunday, November 6: Daylight savings time ends.

Tuesday, November 8th: PTC 4-7pm

Wednesday, November 9th: Pies due if you signed up.

Thursday, November 10th: Veterans Day Program-students wear red, white, and blue.

Thursday, November 10th: PTK meeting @ 3:30pm in the Library

Thursday, November 10th: PTC 4-7pm

Thursday, November 10th: NO HONOR CHOIR

Thursday, November 10th: 3rd Grade Field Trip

Monday, November 14th: NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, November 16th: End of 1st Trimester

Wednesday, November 23-25th: NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, November 23-25th NO BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB

Veterans Day Program and Fundraiser

Our district wide program is Thursday, November 10th, in the Sweitzer Gymnasium at 9:30AM.

Please have your student wear Red, White, and Blue.

Thank you for supporting our veterans!

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SchoolPass-Visitor Management

Please sign in with our new school visitor sign-in/check-in app located in the vestibule. This allows you to check in quickly as a visitor, parent, contractor, and volunteer. For repeat visitors, you can use your QuickPins and for those not in the system, please bring your ID for a quick set up.

Thank you for your patience with our new safe school pass program.

Arrival and Dismissal

Students need to be outside or at breakfast in the morning.

Breakfast starts at 7:45am

Time before school is used by teachers to plan and prepare lessons and materials. Because teachers are unavailable to supervise them, we cannot allow students to be in the hallways before 8:10am, unless you have arranged tutoring.

Instructional Bell- 8:10am

If you arrive after the bell you will be marked tardy.

Tardy: The elementary schools of Park 6 take attendance twice daily. Attendance is taken first thing in the morning and afternoon. In the morning , students who are late but arrive before 8:30 are counted tardy. If they arrive after 8:30, they would be considered absent for the morning. In the afternoon, students absent longer than 20 minutes after 11:30 will be considered absent for the afternoon.

Note: Habitual tardiness is dealt with at the building level. Five (5) tardies to school equal one unexcused absence.

Dismissal Bell-3:15pm

Friday Dismissal-Early out every Friday-1:35pm

Please call the office before 2:30pm if you have a change in after school plans. This helps with getting notes to the children in a timely manner. If we don't hear from you, we will assume to continue on with regular after school plans.

School Meals-Pricing

If your student has a negative lunch balance please call the office at 587-4271 or pay and track student meals with our online portal. You may create an account online, if you wish, to track student meals and pay via our online portal

Box Top$ for Education


If you receive a paper receipt, a quick scan with the Box Tops app will identify participating products and automatically credit your school's earnings online.

If you received a 14-digit Bonus Box Tops code, you can redeem it by visiting the Box Tops app on your mobile device. Simply tap on your profile icon at the top of the app home screen, then tap on Redeem Bonus Code to enter your code.

Below is the Box Top App. Thank you for supporting Livingston!

Cold Weather

We would like to remind everyone that with the cold temperatures, comes the need to so send your student to school prepared for the cold weather. Please label all coats, hats, and gloves. Thank you for sending cold weather gear.

After School Programs

More after school programs to come. Please watch our Facebook page for fun opportunities.

If your student needs to ride the late bus home, please let the office know ASAP. The late bus only stops at a small number of predetermined spots, so if you have questions, call the Livingston office at 587-4271.


Medication Reminder

When your child must take medication during school hours, you have the following choices:

  • You may come to school and give your child his/her medication at the appropriate time.

  • You may discuss an alternative schedule for the medication with your child’s doctor so it can be given outside of school hours.

  • School personnel can assist your child with the medication. For the safety of your child the following procedure must be followed for this to occur:

1. All medication must be kept in the nurse office.

2. Parent/Guardian must complete an authorization for medication administration form before any medicine is given at school. For prescription medicine, the prescribing health care provider must complete the order section of the form. Forms are available from the school office and online at

3. Medication must be received in the original container and have a current expiration date. The medicine must be age appropriate and labeled for use in children.

4. Prescription medicine must be received in the original container from the pharmacy labeled with the physician’s name, the student’s name, name of the medicine, dosage and the times to be given.

5. Students are allowed to possess and self-administer medication for potentially life-threatening conditions such as asthma and severe allergies. A medication authorization form must be on file at school that contains:

- Parent/guardian verification that the student is responsible for and capable of self-administration and is authorized by the parent to self-administer.

- Healthcare provider identification of the prescribed or authorized medication and verification of the appropriateness of the student’s possession and self-administration of the medication.

Contact the school nurse for the required form.

Medication safety is extremely important . Please help us keep our students safe by following these procedures. Contact your school’s nurse if you have any questions or concerns.

Lost and Found

Please have your student check the lost and found regularly. We will be donating items bi-weekly.
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November in the Library

We had a very special thank you to Wyoming Native, Casey Rislov! Author of the exciting Wyoming themed children's book, Rowdy Randy! We had a blast, thanks for coming!

Title I

Our first annual TRUNK or READ was a success. We had 345 people attend. We had 10 different trunks that passed out candy, bookmarks, and we even had trunks with a sandbox and puppies. Our books that were delayed have been arriving this week. We served pizza, cookies, and water. We would like to give a huge THANK YOU to our staff, families, PTK, students, volunteers, Pizza Hut, Albertsons, Walmart, and First Bank of Wyoming for making this event possible.

Please attend our monthly PTK meetings in order to learn more about Title I and all of the awesome things our school is doing. If you have any questions please call or email me at or 307-587-4271

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We will communicate with families on a regular basis over Facebook, Newsletter, Bloomz, and our school website. Please check out our website at
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PTK News

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November Liaison Program

All programs are FREE and open to children of ALL ages!!

Attending any of these programs is a great way to support and extend the

learning your child is already doing at his/her preschool or at home. Please

note that parents must remain in the classroom for the duration of each

program and are expected to be active participants with their child(ren).

Nov. 2- Book Club Wednesday at Livingston from 9:00-9:45 and 10:00-10:45

***NEW *** Nov. 7- Movement Monday at Sunset from 1:30-2:00

Nov. 8- Preschool Tuesday at Sunset from 2:00-3:00

Nov. 17- Math-tastic Thursday at Eastside from 9:00-9:45 and 10:00-10:45

Nov. 18- Preschool Friday at Sunset from 10:00-11:00

(PCSD 6 KinderBoost students will be active participants during this program.)

Nov. 22- Preschool Tuesday at Sunset from 2:00-3:00

Pop Up Preschool Friday- Play date at a local park from 10:00-11:00

(one per month) No registration is necessary for this program.

Families MUST register for each program by texting Brooke Sieg at

(307) 272-0153. Even if you text the day of or last minute, that’s ok!!

Movement Monday will have a maximum of ten families in attendance.

Preschool Tuesday, Book Club Wednesday, and Math-tastic Thursday

will have a maximum of six families in attendance per session.

Preschool Friday will have a maximum of five families in attendance.

Pop Up Preschool Friday has no limit!

What are the Preschool Liaison Programs?

Movement Monday at Sunset- Get the wiggles out with fun activities geared towards

strengthening gross motor skills (large, whole body movement). Parents, get ready to help your

child run, jump, kick, and throw, and more!

Preschool Tuesday and Preschool Friday at Sunset- A place for parents and children to learn

and play together while experiencing a variety of hands-on opportunities. Some stations include

sensory table, art center, kitchen area, blocks, car table, and more!

Book Club Wednesday at Livingston- A chance for parents and children to learn and play

together while focusing on early literacy skills, such as rhyming, letters, and sounds.

Math-tastic Thursday at Eastside- An opportunity for parents and children to learn and play

together while focusing on early math skills, such as counting, sorting, and identifying shapes.

Pop Up Preschool Friday at a park- Join the fun for a play date at a local park once a month!

Ms. Brooke will monitor the weather and if it looks like it will be nice outside on Friday, then she

will make a post on Facebook and send an email on Wednesday stating which park to be at. No

registration is necessary. No limit to the number of families who can join. (If you would like

to be added to Ms. Brooke’s email list, simply send her your email address!)

For further information, contact:

Brooke Sieg

PCSD 6 Early Childhood Community Liaison

Call or text: (307) 272-0153


Facebook: Cody Early Childhood Community Liaison

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