Dangerous Places in the World

By: Jordan Petersen, Joel Kenkel, Brett Hopp

There are many places all around the world that are wonderful vacation spots. Warm vacation spots are very nice and relaxing but with volcanoes and earthquakes near it can be bad. In the following it is going to show you some places that might not be the safest places to live or vacation to. Hawaii, Solomon Islands, and Northern Japan are the few places we are going to talk about.


The warm beaches and crystal blue water, Hawaii is a beautiful place to live. It seems like this place would be a paradise for everyone, but there are side effects.

The hawaiian islands are at a southeastern chain of volcanoes that began more than 70 million years ago. However, many of these volcanoes have subsided beneath the sea level. The damage that comes with these hot volcanoes is that they can tear down and destroy things in seconds. This beautiful island sits on the pacific plate and its a hot spot. A hot spot is when a place is actively involved with volcanoes. Convergent boundaries mostly form volcanoes because convergent plates collide into each other it causes the earth to push the crust upwards into a volcano. Also divergent boundaries can form volcanoes by building up so much tension the earth comes apart and lava flows from the crack.

Volcanoes happen here, almost every month. Around 300 people die from volcanoes that happen in hawaii each year. This beautiful island is full of adventures and fun. People like to live and visit here because of the warm weather, beaches, the view, and lots more. Over all it is a good place to live besides the volcanoes. Hawaii is a place where you can relax, soak up the sun, and have a fun time.

Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands are a large group of islands along the South Pacific Ocean on the east side of Papa New Guinea above Australia. The Solomon islands goes back thousands of years. It is now a Monarchy that is ruled by Queen Elizabeth II. They are beautiful, grassland islands that have 60% of its school-eligible children that are able to go to primary schools, males more than females. Its Native population is just around 552,267 people, which is a huge jump in the last 50 years. The Solomon Islands are sitting right on top of a subduction zone. In a subduction zone, two tectonic plates collide and so one plate went under the other or is “subduced” under the other. In this case, The Solomon Islands is on top of the subduction zone which had caused a chain reaction of earthquakes. Following the earthquakes are the tsunamis. These tsunamis are caused by the vibrations of the earthquake out in the middle of the ocean. These vibrations are then pushed out toward land as the waves get higher and higher and eventually wipe out the coast. This is one of the most dangerous places on earth right now. It’s mainly because Scientists from USGS have found large amounts of earthquakes that have happened and is still happening. One of its highest magnitude earthquakes right now is at an 8.0 along with several other earthquakes that also have a magnitude of over 6.0. It has killed thousands of people so far and possibly more to come. It was once a beautiful island but is now left most of the homes, the land, and the people in ruins.

Northern Japan

A dangerous place to live would be anywhere in northern Japan. A major place where the biggest earthquake since 1900 hundred hit is Tohaka, Japan. It is located on a peninsula in northern Japan. Japan is known for having the most earthquakes in a year. The Pacific Ocean almost completely surrounds Japan. It is off the coast of Russia and North and South Korea. People still live here because they have the deepest tsunami walls and have prepared for earthquakes. Also people live there because they have a high income and high advancements in technology.

Japan sits on or is really close to four tectonic plates. It sits on the Pacific, North American, and Filipino plates. The Pacific plate is the largest plate. The pacific plate goes under the North American causing earthquakes and tsunamis. When the Filipino plate hits the pacific plate it makes volcanoes. The volcanos form in the pacific and near or on Japan.

Japan has experienced a far reaching history of volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Japan has over 100 active volcanoes. There are up to 2,000 earthquakes a year that can be felt by humans in japan. Most are small but there are large ones that can cause severe damage and kill people. When there are earthquakes it can cause tsunamis that can cause even more damage. With all these happening in japan, it makes it a very dangerous place to live.


These 3 places are amazing, and well worth the trip.Even though they are dangerous, they sure are beautiful. The importance of this article is to show you why it might be very dangerous to live in these spots around the world. They may be dangerous, but they still have beauty.


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