Gold Rush of 1849

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Want gold well then lets go back to 1849

Wow the Gold rush, the largest mass migration in history for miners called the 49's in California. It began on January 24, 2015 when James W. Marshall noticed some gold nuggets by a sawmill. Bringing every one from every where to mine for gold.

The start of the biggest mass migration in U.S. history

This find made a frenzy with California's population growing about 19,000. "The Gold Rush transformed California from a sleepy society into one that was wild, unruly, ethnically-diverse and violent." (Digital History) People from around the world left their families and traveled to California just to mine, leading people to call them the '49ers. But all those people were greedy and would even kill someone if they found gold. "There is a good deal of sin and wickedness going on here like stealing, lying, swearing, drinking, gambling, and murdering." (Cali. Gold Rush of 1884)

Some of our topics include mining/gold production, the boom of California, and the motivation toi mine 75,000 pounds of gold during the Gold Rush,.

Gurrented gold

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Have you ever wondered about how people get to California? Since there were only two routes each taking about 6 months; this length and difficulty level inspired the Panama Railways, shaving off months of the journey

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