September 2022

READ! You'll discover amazing worlds! spiders have infested the library. Frank McFemur & Xavier Patella are working hard to keep them away, but this school year it looks like we are going to have to call in some help from our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Each time you check out a book you will help Spider-Man feel more like himself as you color him in with red & blue stickers.

Congratulations Greg Heffley for showing that "Reading Makes You Stronger," and being added to our Reading Wall of Fame.

Miles Morales Weekly Challenge Starting Soon

Miles Morales (multi-verse spider-man) is taking on the villains of Spidey! BUT he cannot do it alone. Each week a villain will show up with the # of books checked out last year during that week. Miles and YOU will have to check out more books than last year to be the week's battle winner. Are you up to the challenge?

Looking for some fun activities this Hispanic Heritage Month - click on the image below to open:

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the library before school!

If you would like to visit the library before school, come by today to pick up a morning pass for tomorrow. Show the pass to a teacher or administrator so you can get into the building. The library will be open each morning at 7:30 AM.

Upcoming Events...dates will be announced on library windows...

How do I know what books are in the library?

You will find Destiny Discover in the Library Applications folder in Class Link. It should automatically log you in. Browse the catalog, check your account, and request holds on books. Click HERE to view the JISD sample video on how to add holds on books. This is where students can request books for classroom curbside delivery.

Library Book Check Out FAQs

What if I have an overdue library book from Kirby or another JISD school?

Please return the library book to the KMS library ASAP. If it belongs to another school, we will return the book to that campus for you. There is no late fee, but if the book is completely lost, you can pay for the book in the library to remove it from your record.

Until the overdue books are returned, you can only checkout one library book at a time.

How many library books can I check out?

The simple answer is 2 books at a time. Yes, some students can get more than two, but that is a privilege earned from Ms. Lehman over time.

How long can I keep a book that I checked out?

You may keep a book you checked out for three weeks from the day you checked it out. If you need to keep the book longer, then you can bring it to the library to renew or re-checkout the book.

Can I turn a book in early?

Yes, you can turn the book in early in the library or in one of the book return boxes in front of the library.

When can I check out books?

You can check out books before school, on your way to Science class (quickly), on a pass from a teacher, when your class visits the library, or through a CURBSIDE hold.

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How to I access Sora for eBooks and audiobooks?

Sora gives students in all grades access to eBooks and Audiobooks. The app is in the Library Applications folder in the ClassLink portal, but can also be downloaded to a mobile device. The Sora account needs to be set up thru the student ClassLink portal and then added to a mobile device.

View the video of how to set it up & use Sora:

Written directions:

Follow the KMS library on social media...

Why Read?

Just like your muscles, you need to exercise your mind!

Reading books benefits both your physical and mental health, and those benefits can last a lifetime. Nonfiction contains a lot of information. And think of all the plots and subplots that happen in a fiction story. That's a lot of information!!

All of this new information creates new memories. And every new memory creates synapses in our brain or strengthens old ones - improving memory. The network of circuits and signals in your brain gets stronger as your reading ability matures. (Be one of the first three to come by the library to get a candy bar.)

Try to read for at least 20 MINUTES A DAY!

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About the Librarian

My name is Gina Lehman, and I am excited to be your librarian again this school year. I am proud to say that I have spent all 27 years of my educational career in Judson ISD. I began my career teaching reading for 6th and 7th graders at Woodlake Hills Middle School. For the past 21 years I have enjoyed serving as librarian at Kirby Middle School. I strongly believe that we all can achieve academic success, be inspired for creativity and develop a love for reading by finding the stories that touch our lives.