Alex Rejda

Software and Machines used

I used many programs to make my 3D stacked wheel. Inventor, 123D Make, Illustrator and the printing program for the laser cutter.

Price: It costs .60 cents for a sheet of cardboard and I used 5 sheets so my total cost is 3 dollars

About the product

Possible customers: I think this product would be desirable for anyone that is into cars. It has a very good look to it can could be set on any shelf for decoration and looks. It could also be a good product to sell because it is easy and affordable to design and make.

I faced many problems when making this product. This was probably one of the hardest projects so far for me in the class because I did not know much about the software being used and I really challenged myself with the design I made. Once I completed my project I found out the wheel was too thin so I had to go back and thicken it and then make all new sheets on illustrator so it could be printed and put together easier. I also had minor problems with the program inventor just because I was new to it and I was doing a complicated design.

I was very proud of this product because I really challenged myself with a tough design and a completely foreign program to me. I think that it went very well and I learned a lot about the programs used to complete my project. I also learned a lot about designing 3 D objects and I think this experience will be valuable for me in the future.