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Monday, January 11, 2016

Colleyville Elementary School Staff Newsletter

We are TEAM Colleyville!

The BEST are always striving to get better!

The BEST make everyone around them better!

Upcoming CES Events

This Week

Monday, January 11
Photography Club 2:45 to 4:00 pm in the Science Lab
Grades 3-5 Science Intervention Planning Meeting @ 3:30 pm at the PDEC

Tuesday, January 12
CMT Meeting @ 3:00 pm in the conference room
CES PTA Restaurant Night @ Teddy's Burgers 5:00 to 9:00 pm

Wednesday, January 13
Choir Rehearsal 2:45 to 3:45 pm

Thursday, January 14
Entrepreneurship Club 2:45 to 3:45 pm in the Learning Commons
PTA Bed, Bunnies and Bedtime 6:00 to 7:00 pm in the Learning Commons

Friday, January 15
CES Spirit Day (wear your CES shirt and jeans)

Next Week

Monday, January 18
School Holiday!

Tuesday, January 19
CEC Meeting at 3:00 pm in the Learning Commons

Wednesday, January 20
Student Council Meeting 2:45 to 3:45 pm in Seifried's room
Choir Rehearsal 2:45 to 3:45 pm in the music room

Thursday, January 21
PTA General Meeting at 6:45 pm
Fourth Grade Choir Program at 7:00 pm in the cafeteria

Friday, January 22
Pay Day
Fourth Grade Choir Performance at 8:15 am in the cafeteria (optional for all grade levels)
CES Spirit Day (wear your CES shirt and jeans)

2016 Summer Enrichment Program

Are you interested in applying to teach a session in the 2016 Summer Enrichment program? For more information, please contact Cindy Pearson.

Cindy's Literacy Library Open House Event

Thursday, January 28th - Cindy's Literacy Library Open House 8:15 - 3:30

Come by during your planning or after school to see the updated library and enjoy a special snack!

Tips for Twitter

As we work toward our school goal of tweeting once each day and spending 5 minutes a day seeing what others at CES are tweeting, here are a few tips from technology to help be sure that we are sharing our CES story in a positive and safe manner.

· Make sure the pictures are educational in nature (not just posed selfies).

· Take action shots of kids engaged in work (as opposed to full-faced posed photos)

· Do not use student names in the text or show student names in the picture with the students.

· Cover or block names when showing student work

· Take group pictures and avoid closeups of individuals

· Although pictures are always cute, remember that you can also tweet pictures of books, anchor charts, etc. as well as just the tweet itself without any pictures.

· Tag CES - add @CESCowboys or #CESCowboys

· Don't add extra hashtags when using pictures of students. Searching those hashtags can lead into other "not-so-appropriate" topics.

A Few CES Reminders:

  • We should be teaching all core subjects every day during instruction time and using the minutes (per subject) provided by the curriculum department
  • Post your "I can" statements each day
  • Don't forget that our next "Visit for Growth and Development" is due by February 19
  • Check in with your PLP Accountability Partner and update PLP's.

Three things you control every day are your attitude, your effort and your actions to be a great teammate.

-Jon Gordon

Assessment Reminders

MOY Writing Assessment - window closes Friday, January 15th.

Kinder – Narrative

1st – 5th – Narrative and Expository

(Enter scores using the district Writing Rubric into Eduphoria.)

Reading/Writing STAAR Benchmark Window - January 19 - February 19

Reading Benchmark (Released STAAR Test) 3rd – 5th

Writing Benchmark (Released STAAR Test) for 4th grade

(Scantrons will be scanned into DMAC.)

Cornerstone Tasks

As we wrap up our 1st semester of 2015-16, please take a moment to upload one sample for each Cornerstone Task from the Social Studies curriculum. If you are unsure if you have already submitted a sample, please talk to Cindy and she can let you know which ones are done and which ones are missing.

According to the district curriculum maps, these units should be completed:

Kinder – Units 1- 5

1st – Units 1- 5

2nd – Units 1-3

3rd – Units 1-5

4th – Units 1-3

5th – Units 1-6

Caught Doing Their BEST

Stephanie Heppenstall- Collecting and organizing all our paperwork and payments for the 1:1 Take Home Initiative. Thank you for getting us ready for take home!
Cindy Pearson- Organizing and preparing our campus Literacy Library. We will enjoy this at CES for years to come!
LouAnn Ray, Carrie Perdue, Cindy Pearson- Writing and receiving grants from the Education Foundation on behalf of the staff and students of CES for Marilyn Burns, Do the Math! and Lucy Caulkins' Units of Study in Reading and Writing. All students and teachers at CES will reap the benefits of these resources. Great job ladies!
CES Staff- Preparing for the school holiday shut down. Great job to everyone and we appreciate your attention to the checklist. :)
Nicki Anderson- CES representative participating in VALOR and the GCISD Student Voice Project. We appreciate your growth mind set!


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