Monthly Onesie Stickers

Myriad of Choices for a Great Baby Shower Gift

Most parents, especially first time ones, would be very excited about having a baby. This is where their joy would be shared with many people; especially relatives and close friends. It is common to have parents or families and friends host a baby shower in expectation of the newborn’s arrival. Guests would want to be sure to pick up the best of baby shower gifts for the new arrival.

Market choices

There are many choices of baby shower gifts in the market today. There is a myriad of baby and gift stores in most neighborhoods. Gift givers would be able to select one or more delightful gifts for the baby based on practicality, functionality or uniqueness.

Some guests at the baby shower may have chosen useful gifts for the baby such as diapers, feeding apparatus or baby apparel. Others may choose gifts like photo albums, toys and books. One may also decide on larger ticket items including baby car seats, strollers, cribs or highchairs.

The creative guests may choose to design or create their own special baby shower gift for the baby or parents. These can include homemade cards, furniture, toys and specially designed clothing such as onesies with month stickers.

Month stickers

Month stickers make an excellent choice as a baby shower gift with an entire year’s supply of numbers from 1-12. Each of these stickers can be pasted on the baby’s clothing or feeding apparatus. The number on the sticker indicates the month of development for the baby, which makes it easy to identify in the future.

Onesie monthly stickers can be purchased from any baby or gift store in town or online. Consumers can choose their preferred patterns and designs in different shapes, colors and sizes. Month stickers for babies can be purchased individually or in a set.

A set of month stickers can comprise of twelve pieces ranging from numbers 1-12 which represent the different months of the year. A pack can also be acquired which includes several pieces of the same month. There may be more than one occasion in the month where baby displays various adorable antics or baby uses more than one piece of clothing during that time period.

Online orders of month stickers can be delivered through the postal service from established and reputable online sticker stores. Good discounts can be enjoyed with bulk orders and great savings can be enjoyed when there are promotions offered.

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