Ms. Kildal's School Scoop

Dec. 14-18, 2015

Here's the latest from fourth grade...

Reading & Writing

Story : Variety of books that demonstrate cause and effect

Genre: Fiction

Comprehension Skills: cause and effect

Vocabulary Strategy: recognizing signal words that are used in cause and effect stories

Writing: Writing a cause and effect story based on the story Fortunately by Remy Charlip

Spelling Words:

snowflake icicle frostbite candles

fireplace snowman gingerbread

blanket mittens sleigh snowball

blustery skating snowplow hockey

frozen furnace December slippery


Challenge Words:

toboggan solstice anorak hypothermia glacial


Unit4: Decimals & Measurement

Skills Focus: comparing decimals, ordering decimals, converting from mm to cm, cm to mm, mm to meters, meters to mm. Writing fractions as decimals.

IXL Skills: These are the skills kids are working on at school. They may also do them at home, but it is not a requirement. Fourth Grade: U.1-U.8, U.16-U.18

Science/Social Studies: Continuing history of the southeastern states. The southeast region test will be on Tuesday, Dec. 22. They need to know the state locations and their capitals.

Other New & Events:

*Winter Break Dec. 23- Jan. 3

*Poetry Reading Presentation: Jan. 13 from 3-3:30 in our classroom. Kids will recite winter poems for your enjoyment!