Cultural Revolution in China

The Red Guard

The first of the red guard was kids from kindergarten to college Mao Zendong organized them. They destroyed antiques, ancient text, and buhhdist temples. They caused many deaths. Most of China's cultural harritage was destroyed by the Red guard.
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How it began

Mao Zendong organized the red guard to punish party officials and anyone who showed bourgeois tendices. Mao knew that other party leaders were planning to marginalize him. In 1967 China had decended into chaos from the red guard which started to turn on each other.
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How it affected the population

Millions were persecuted and publicly humiliated and abused the Red guard also imprisoned and tortured they stole from the citizens. After the cultural revolution a large segment of the population was displayed.
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If it happened today

It would probably be started by a war.