#intentional Times

for the week of 2/8/16

This week

Monday - 2:30-4:00 ILT in the Library (discipline data)
2:30-3:45 Teacher directed
Tuesday - :( no collab
Wednesday - Ashlee out all day for ELL VCC
Friday - No School

THANK YOU, THANK YOU very much to Mrs. Aragon who has been the ELPA fairy, figuring out all the rescheduling and such to make testing happen for our kids!

New Students

Several new students have started recently. Please make sure that you update Linda and Briseida with their reading class placement so they can enter it in DIBELS and Skyward. I was looking at some DIBELS reports during the IF meeting on Friday and noticed two new kids who were not yet placed in secondary classrooms.

I shared this strategy with 5th grade a few weeks ago and Jennifer let me know that light bulbs turned on for many students who were struggling remembering which symbol to use when comparing numbers. She suggested that I pass it on to all! Take a look at the video - it's only 4 minutes and the guy has a pretty nice accent! :)

Greater Than, Less Than or Equal To

Mourning the loss of Collaboration

I'm bummed that we have lost Tuesday Collaboration time but understand the reason why. That 45 minutes will definitely be felt, and I'm not just talking just in our paychecks! With that being said, it is very important that your team's PD sessions and GLT are well utilized to account for the loss. This means that agenda items need to be #intentional, members need to come prepared and on time, side conversations need to be saved for other times and back up items might be a good idea in case a situation arises that time allows for more or the original agenda item has to be changed for whatever reason. If you haven't reviewed your norms or goals recently, I would highly encourage you to. Both the norms and goals were put in place to help guide teams and promote effectiveness. If your team is having issues with anything mentioned above and you would like a process observer for the meeting to provide feedback about how the team functions, let your IF or admin know!