The Monster Mash

Mrs. Kramer and Ms. Edison: October 19-23


It was such a great week! In language arts, the kids were busy learning the FLOSS rule. In addition we reviewed common/proper nouns and introduced verbs. We continued with the reading strategies of main idea and sequencing. The kids even wrote a friendly letter to soldiers who won't make it home for Thanksgiving. In math, we finished with computation and moved on to place value. Right now, we are working on tens and ones. The kids are learning to recognize that once we have more than nine ones, we must trade up to the tens place. In science, we have concluded our unit on water habitats. We went out with a bang as our culminating activity was the day at the aquarium. We begin our first social studies unit next week. Here is what was happening in guidance this week.

Mrs. Cohen’s Counseling Corner:

This week in Guidance, we read “Have you Filled a Bucket Today” by Carol McCloud. Students learned that everything we do and say can either fill up, or dip into another person’s “invisible bucket.” We role-played different ways to fill buckets at home and at school, and learned that noticing how others are feeling, caring about them, and saying/doing something to fill their buckets is called empathy. All students got started on making their own “How to be a Bucket Filler” booklet. Please ask to see their book, and encourage them to continue working on it at home.

Important Dates

Mon. 10/26- Guest author

Wed. 10/28- Book Buddies- feel free to send in books from home.

Fri. 10/30- Grandparents Day!!!! Please make sure I get your pick-up forms if your child will be going home with a grandparent or special friend.

Thu. 11/19 and Fri. 11/20- Parent/Teacher Conferences


Dear 1st grade parents,

The 1st graders were busy learning the letter ג (gimmel).

We read stories, worked in our workbook and completed a homework assignment.

Vocabulary for the letter ג (gimmel)

גג- roof (gag)

גב- back (gav)

גן- garden (gan)

Here is a link to a fun way to learn Hebrew letters and vowels: Enjoy!;nActivityTreeID=0;nActivityID=1;nWordLength=0;nSuccessLevel=90;nRoundCount=0

During Judaic class we learned about the tower of Babble.

Shabbat shalom,

שבת שלום

Galia Sabbag