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Happy August Everyone!!

We hope that everyone is enjoying the summer. As we look forward to welcoming students back to the building in a little more than a month, there is quite a bit of information to share with you. There will be additional communication as we get closer to September as well. Please take a few moments to review the information found here. It is a lot to digest so please archive this message so you can return to it for reference at any time.

Scott Doran, Principal - 651-480-7474

Mindy Tavernier, Assistant Principal grades 11 & 12 - 651-480-7480

Chris Moore, Assistant Principal grades 9 & 10 - 651-480-7483

Trent Hanson, Assistant Principal/Athletics & Activities Director - 651-480-7596

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  • August 24 - New Parent Orientation Night 7-8pm
  • September 5 - 9th Grade Orientation - Link Crew Day at HHS
  • September 6 - First day of classes for grades 9-12
  • September 15 - No School - Staff Development
  • September 20 - Picture Day
  • September 24-30 - Homecoming Week
  • September 29 - Homecoming Coronation Pepfest
  • September 30 - Homecoming dance
  • October 5-6 - Raider Connect Days
  • October 13 - No School - Teacher Workshop
  • October 17 - Evening Conferences
  • October 18 - No School - Conferences
  • October 19-20 - No School - Fall Break
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HHS Opt-In Bussing Information

Students in Grades 9-12:

All students in grades 9-12 will be required to OPT-IN (register) to receive transportation to and from school. This helps the district be more efficient in planning our transportation services, which reduces ride times and means lower costs and few changes after the year starts.

Please opt-in (register) if your student will be utilizing district transportation by filling out this form no later than July 31, 2023.

You must register by July 31st in order to receive transportation in the fall.

Registrations received between August 1st and September 8th will be processed with a start date of September 18th. Any registrations received after September 8th will require a 1 week processing period prior to your student being eligible to ride.

**If your student is in grades 9-12 and this form is not completed, no bus transportation will be scheduled for your student.**

Courtesy Routes - Grades 5-12:

The walking distance for secondary students is a 1.75 mile radius from either the High School or the Middle School. There are transfer buses between the High School and the Middle School.

Please see the map on the district’s website for the courtesy stops.

Students must register by July 31, 2023 to be scheduled for pickup at a courtesy stop by completing the 23-24 Courtesy Stop Registration.

Registrations received between August 1st and September 8th will be processed with a start date of September 18th. Any registrations received after September 8th will require a 1 week processing period prior to your student being eligible to ride.


9th grade Orientation - Tuesday, September 5th

We are excited for the freshman students to spend the day meeting their link crew leaders and teachers for the 2023-2024 school year.

Here is what to expect:

-Link Crew leaders (juniors and seniors) will be trying to contact all students via phone or email prior to September 5th.

-Students are to arrive at the high school around 7:45am and hang out in the commons and we will direct them the rest of the day!

-Students DO NOT bring a backpack and dress comfortably.

-Students will be picking up their school ID during the day and they will need them to access their lunch accounts.

- School breakfast and lunches are free this year.

-Students will meet link crew leaders, receive welcome messages, small and large group activities, lunch, tour the building, walk through their class schedule, and school pictures will also be taken in the middle of the day.

Our junior and senior Link Crew Leaders have gone through three days of training and are VERY EXCITED to make our freshmen orientation at Hastings High School a wonderful experience!

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Raider Connect Time

What is Raider Connect Time?

Raider Connect Time includes a 2-day block schedule that we use to ‘dive deeper’ into our content and also allows for some flexible time during the school day to meet with teachers, work on projects, etc.

By incorporating this time for intervention, we have seen a dramatic increase in passing grades and an overall sense of relief for students who may have otherwise struggled academically.

Raider Connect Time Schedule

Our next RCT with take place on October 5-6.

ALL 9th Grade students are required to attend the RCT session.

Students in grades 10-12 who receive a notice from a teacher will also be attending the RCT session. All other 10-12 grade students have an early release at 1:00pm. (Parents of students with 1 or more failing grades by RCT will receive a message as well).


2nd hour: 7:50-9:15 a.m.

4th hour: 9:25-10:50 a.m.

6th hour 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

RCT 1:10-2:31 p.m.


1st Hour: 7:50-9:15 a.m.

3rd Hour: 9:25-10:50 a.m.

5th Hour: 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

7th Hour: 1:10-2:31 p.m.

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HHS- Principal Scott Doran

Main Office 651-480-7470

Counseling Office 651-480-7489

Attendance Office 651-480-7477

Student Office 651-480-7484

Athletic Office 651-480-7597