G'Day welcome to Australia

By Kelsey and Jadzia


Aussie Aussie Aussie oy oy oy This is what Australia is all about

you may know Australia as a country full of Horses,

,big paddocks , emus , koalas and kangaroos jumping all around the place but not all of Australia is like that. We also have big cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Victoria.


Vegemite is a well known food item in Australia. You spread Vegemite lightly on your toast, Its is a Favorited to all Aussies (Australian).

Lamintans is a tasty treat, shaped in a square and has a villiana flavor with a chocolate, coconut, and villiana cover. Shrimp, sausages, lamb, meat, pork-chop etc are some main foods that we cook on the barbie commonly know as a BBQ.


Currency: Australia’s national currency is the Australian dollar and two dollar coin which comes in with the $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 notes. we also have 5,10,20,50 cent coins. Our colourful notes depict famous Australians both past and present.

Australia's culture

In australia, we have one of the longest living cultures in the world. Aboriginal and torres state islanders have been the first people on Australia for Centuries. In australia there are many things you can do to learn about this culture and acknowledge the first people of Australia. We recognize today that Aboriginal and torres strait islanders have looked after Australia for Centuries.

Australian Animals

Our Australian animals are one main part people visit our country. We have some of the worlds most unique animals like the koala bear and kangaroos that are native to australia. There is also Emus, Barramundi fish and some more amazing animals.

The people of Australia

Australian society is made up of people from different cultures and beliefs. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have inhabited Australia for tens of thousands of years. The commonly spoken language in Australia is English, and the most commonly practiced religion is Christianity, although foreign languages and other religions are also common. Australia is also a known country for being multicultural.

The states, cities and territories.

capital and the centre of government. It is located approximately 290 kilometres south of Sydney in the Australian Capital Territory. Canberra lies on the ancient lands of the Indigenous Ngunnawal people, and its name is thought to mean ‘meeting place'

from the Aboriginal word ‘Kamberra’. It is home to important national institutions, including the Australian Parliament and the High Court of Australia.

New South Wales is Australia’s oldest and most popular state. Sydney is the largest city there. Victoria is the smallest of the mainland states in size but is the second most populated. Melbourne is the capital and is Australia's second most populated city.

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Australia National Anthem (with lyrics)

Australias beaches

Australias beaches are one main part on why so many people love this country. Across the country many beaches have beautiful oceans and a Surf Life Saving Club too. The best bit about the beaches is because it's so hot, you can go there all the time. At the beach you can be apart of your local surf club and for the younger community members, they can be part of 'nippers'.

Weather, temperature, seasons and months

Australia experiences one of the most hottest climates in the world. Some people would explain the weather in Australia as scorching and humid. Also many explain that Australia truly only has 3 months of cold weather in winter. Even know Artum is a month in other countries where it starts to cool down, in Australia that usually happens in winter.

Even know Artum is a month in other countries where it starts to cool down, in Australia that usually happens in winter.

The summer weather is December, January, February. Artum is, March, April, May. Winter is, June, July, August and spring goes from September to November.


At the moment Australia has only 23.13 million Australians.

We may not have as much people in our country compared to other places but Australia is a large community full of peaceful people and is willing to help others in need.


In Australia sports is a main part of Australia's culture. We have world champions in the Olympics for Swimming, running, and other water events. Soccer is A popular sport in Australia. as well as NRl, AFL and many other sports.

prime minister and government

At the moment our prime minister is Tony Abbot And the federal party that is in is Liberal government. We have other party's such as Liberal,Greens etc.

Well know places, events of Australia

Melbourne is a lovely environment and is very well know in Australia. Every year Melbourne has a Melbourne cup which is when lots of people come and bet on horses to win the Melbourne cup. In Melbourne, it's most popular for it's shopping district and it's multicultural living environment.

In Sydney they have some of the brightest and oldest beaches and buildings in the world which include, The Sydeny opera house, the harbor bridge and Bondi beach.

In Victoria we have the most amazing reef in the world called the great barrier reef. We also have many country towns and city towns too.