First Grade Teachers' Office Hours

Should you need any help during this eLearning Day, you will be able to contact us at school during the Open Lab days that have been scheduled.

Mrs. Martin Mon., 2:45-5:30, Thurs., 2:45-4:00

Mrs. Shew Thurs., 3:00-5:30, Sat., 7:45-9:15

Mrs. Edington Mon., 2:45-5:00, Sat., 9:00-10:45

Lesson Objectives

Students will be reviewing 3D shapes, money, probability and facts.

Time (90 minutes)

Introduction--3D Shapes (Mrs. Shew)

3D Shapes I Know (solid shapes song- including sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, and pyramid)


First Grade 3D shapes

Activities and Assessment

Complete the following 3D shapes' tasks.


first grade money
Money Song
"Coins!" by


Read the book GIve Probability a Chance on myON. Click on the myON link below.
First Grade Probability

Assessment--Math Facts

Please complete the quiz (shown below), and return the paper in your eLearning Day packet.

On IXL, please practice B.14 and D.17 by doing 20 problems in each. Your teachers will check on their computers the scores you earned.


Explore the following if you need additional help understanding this lesson!

If you have a computer, play some of these games on


If you have an iPad/tablet, try some of the apps to practice the math skills from this lesson.