Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

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Conflict and Plot

The conflict of the story was that 24 people have to try to survive in the woods (arena). The conflict is man vs man. The survivor wins and takes a big reward. They will always be a mentor and will have to teach the contestants for the rest of their life.


The setting of the book Hunger Games is in the woods in the arena. The woods is a very good spot to play the game because they have to build everything including shelter, and make their own food and clothing. This setting forces Katniss ,the main character, to become independent and creative. The setting is in the present.


The theme of the book Hunger Games is all about competition and survival. The most important message that the main characters convey is to never give up and to be smart in who you choose to befriend versus who to compete against. Smart decisions from these main characters resulted in their ultimate survival. Katniss never gave up and always had the will to survive and help others.

book recommendation

I strongly recommend this book if you are really into outdoors or a good suspensful read.This book is probably the most favored book I have ever read. I learned so much about this book and the main characters it was crazy. I definately rate this book a 5 hope you enjoy it......Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


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