The frog

Once upon a time there was a frog named Matt. He was green with four dots on his back. He had red eyes. One day matt jumped into a tree and hopped to the top. He stopped and thought to himself, how can I stay on land for a long time but I can also stay underwater for a long time? So, he kept hopping up the tree. Then, he can to a bird and he asked the bird. the bird I don't know small frog.

The bird flew away and Matt jumped down. When Matt jumped reach the forest floor, he saw a very nice snake. Matt asked the snake what do you know about frogs and how they can live in the water and on land. The snake said yes I know, its because your an amphibian. Matt asked what is that, the snake said an amphibian is an animal who can breath through there lungs and absorb water through there skin. After Matt got his answer, he went back it his own little pond.

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