From Your Principal

February 21, 2020


Spring is in the Air!

Most people know that I am a spring and summer person! I love the sunshine and the warmth and spending time outdoors. I love seeing new plants bloom and grilling dinner outside. Unfortunately, this means that in February, I really start to feel the itch and by the beginning of March I lose all control. I buy plants too soon and watch them die in the first March snowstorm, I get all of the patio furniture out and watch that also get covered in snow and ice. Every year, my husband reminds me to slow down and enjoy what's right in front of me. There is joy to be found in the tiny sprouts as spring bulbs find their way through the frozen ground. There is beauty in heavy wet snow as it blankets the ground and quiets our minds. And without all of this moisture, the summer that I love so much would be affected by drought.

This is so much like school. By this time in the year, we start looking toward the end of the year and even planning for next year. Sometimes, we forget to see the joy and the purpose in the moment that we're in. This is the time of year is when the most learning occurs. There is so much work going on and it seems like kids are changing daily. I am so proud to lead a school full of incredible thinkers and little people who want to be their best. Don't forget to ask your child what new things they learned each day. You will be amazed! Our kids will be in full bloom by spring.


Skull Breaking Challenge

It seems that there is always a new challenge popping up on social media these days. If your child is active on social media, and especially on TikTok, they may have heard of a new challenge called the "Jump Challenge" or "Skull Breaking Challenge". This challenge consists of three kids lined up side by side and jumping at the same time to take a picture. The unsuspecting person in the middle jumps up and the people on the outside swipe their legs out from under them.

Thank goodness, this challenge hasn't made its way to Stott yet. Please chat with your child (especially those in upper elementary) about the seriousness of this challenge and the dangers associated with following ideas presented on social media. My general message has been "If its on TikTok, its probably a bad idea!".


Family Valentine's Dance

We had a great time at the Family Valentine's Day Dance. Thanks to PTSA for all of their work to make it happen. Special thanks to: Brandi Mckenzie, Barbi Toal, Chris Meyer, Amy Rodriguez, Carrie Torres, Brooke Smith, Katie McCracken, Krystal Mitchell, and Autumn McMullen who helped plan, set-up and run the event!


February Digital Citizenship


Teach Time Raffle Winners:

Permission slips and details will come home soon.

Time with Mrs. McCormick

Keeley - Baggus

Isaac - Jenkins

Channing - Zeiner

1st Grade Pizza Lunch With a Friend

Olivia - Hizel

Jaelie - Baggus

Floor Hockey Mr. Jenkins & Mr. B

Brady - Hostetler

Liam - Hostetler

Connor O - Hostetler

Connor B - Hostetler

Sophie M - Jenkins

Nathan - Jenkins

Daniel - Jenkins

Daisy - Jenkins

Elijah B - Nichols-Johnson

Dominic - Zeiner

Mrs. Ostwald - *Guest KSNS News Reporter.

Jillian - Kiefer

Wyatt - Kiefer

Mrs. Ostwald/Mrs. Tharp - *Guest Reader during Library Time

Stella - Hizel

Meara - Kiefer

Mrs. Smith & Mrs. O'Connor - Cookies & Craft With a Friend

Isabella - Davis

Allessandra - Davis

Amara - Smith

Mrs. Watkins - Recess Tinker Lab with a Friend

Joseph - Baggus

Alysa O - Hostetler

Mason - Jenkins

Joel G - Nichols-Johnson

Ms. Zeiner & Ms. Baggus After School Dance Party

Jack E - Davis

Zoe - Hizel

Chase - Jenkins

Addie - Jenkins

Sydney - Jenkins

Joshua - O'Connor

Mackenzie -Smith

Naomi - Smith

Mason -Zeiner

Savannah -Zeiner


Upcoming Important Dates

February 25 & 27 - Talent Show Auditions

February 26 - Spring Portraits

March 6 - First Grade Field Trip to Arvada Center

March 8 - Daylight Savings

March 9 - Accountability and PTSA

March 13 - Fifth Grade Field Trip to Oberon