Rum River Technology & Learning

December, 2014 Edition

Rum River Elementary's Network Wireless Upgrade

Rum River's turn for the Network Upgrade is fast approaching. The District's plan for the Network Upgrade is on schedule. Their goal is to complete all schools before testing. Our night is Tuesday, December 16th. There will be teams of people working in the data closets at our site. Old wireless points get shut down during the install, and they migrate everything to the new wireless access sites. Our old equipment is taken away and re-credited. What is important for you to know is that all network resources will be unavailable during this time. Please plan accordingly.

Google Classroom Is Here!!!
Google Classroom is taking Anoka-Hennepin by storm! It is an easier way to share Google documents with your students and have their work shared back to you. The link above is featured on the District page as a tutorial for staff. Take a look and see the advantages Google Classroom might have for you! If you have any questions, please see me (Sandy) or Melyssa Carlson.


Our school has several teachers using District owned iPads. All iPads are being or will be enrolled into Casper. Please take the time to back-up or remove any personal items that may be on the devises. After the first of the year, all iPads will be turned back in for a short while. Everything will be erased from the iPads and the curriculum apps will be brought back in. The end date for all enrollments is February 2nd, so the entire process will be completed by then.

Technology Committee 2014-2015

A big Thank You to the following members of our 2014-2015 Technology Committee! We are actually a very fun group!
Sandy Perkerwicz: Chair
Jamie Grant: Kindergarten
Amanda Glover: First grade
Josh Smith: Second grade
Nikki Weinert: Third grade
Cory Moore: Fourth grade
Tom Powers: Fifth grade
Paul Dudley: Web Master
Jessica Sandberg: Special Education
Melyssa Carlson: Integration Technology Teacher
Alice Hanley: Techno Genius
Amy Reed: Administration
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More Chromebooks for Rum River!

We are getting more Chromebooks for our school. This will complete the set earmarked for the 4th and 5th Grade Research Specials. With this new purchase, the district has moved forward with the new Chromebook models. They are HP 14” G3 price of $299. They are faster, longer battery of up to nine hours. These are lighter and thinner and are supported by our new wireless protocol. These also have Anti-glare display rather than Bright View.