1883- Krakatoa

Kade Chmabers

What is it?

The 1883 Krakatoa was one of the largest eruptions in time.

Also made from a volcano.

What caused it?

The Krakatoa tsunami came from the eruption from the Krakatoa volcano.

In August 1883 the volcano erupted which caused a Tsunami.

Where did it occur

It occurred west of Sumatra in Indonesia in 1883 August
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can it be predicted

No because of how it looks it may be another hundred years but also yes because if they can predict other volcanic things then they should be able to predict this one.

how can people prevent from dying?

the way i think people can prevent from dying is if we know when or around it will erupt we can stay away from it around the time it should erupt.

and the world could tell everyone to so none would go around the time it should if it does.

what can i do

In my own home we could get the stuff we need and stuff that help you not drown if there is another tsunami and you could get stuff like food and clothes.
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when and where did it happen

It happened on august 1883

Indonesia Krakatoa

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Fun Facts

  1. The Krakatoa was one of the deadliest eruption
  2. The eruption caused a tsunami
  3. It is apart of the Indonesian island arc.


Death Toll

More than 36,000 died


From what i know- A lot of the houses had to be redone people were poor. people died from starvation,and also there was a lot of water filled gas everywhere