Pelvic Inflammatory Disease



Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is an STD only females can get. It is caused by other diseases that are left untreated. You get this when bacteria from an STD you left untreated like chlamydia and gonorrhea spread upwards to the reproductive organs.

How PID Is Transmitted

You can get Pelvic Inflammatory Disease by leaving an STD you have untreated. Also, if you have more than one sexual partner you are likely to get this disease.

Seeking Treatment

It is important to seek for treatment if you have PID because if left untreated, complications can occur. Complications are; not being able to get pregnant, long term pelvic pain, and ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside of the womb.)

How PID Effects Pregnancy

If you leave PID untreated you can have an ectopic pregnancy which is on the egg implants itself outside the uterus. Also, you might not even be able to get pregnant at all because PID damages your reproductive system


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