Van Phan's Pre-K Class!


April Week 1 Newsletter- The Life Cycle!

Howdy Parents,

This week has been a good week for science and we are hard at work stimulating young minds. Currently we are learning about the life cycles of various animals. In fact, we are going to be having a silkworm cocoon in the classroom for observation (hopefully it will emerge in the May!).

It is important that students have a strong understanding of the different stages of development all animals go through. Feel free to show them pictures of pets and even family members as they change throughout their lives- this will be a focus of our discussion on Friday when we receive the silkworm cocoons.

The life cycle of organisms is an important process for children to understand- but it is also a sensitive issue. If your child is not already aware, now would be a great time to have the life/death talk with them. Please also note, that this is just basic science we are teaching- we are interested in the life cycle- what happens after death is up to each and every family to believe in. Please help your child engage in this activity, I would really appreciate it.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Van Phan

Attention Parents! Field Trip to the Houston Museum of Art

Dear parents,

Please take note. This week I will be sending permission slips so that children and I can visit the The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH). The field trip will be conducted on April 20, 2014- children will arrive back before the school day ends.

It is very important that students are exposed to art work- it can help with many things including memory, stimulating creativity, and also be relaxing. The art museum has wonderful exhibits such as the Light Tunnel that I think the kids would enjoy greatly.

Below this section I have attached the permission slip forms. Please have these slips signed as soon as possible!

Thank you very much,

Van Phan

Important Administration Changes! New Website!

Here at Cougar Elementary, the current principal has been transferred by the District for emergency purposes. Mr. Stone is a great asset to the district and will be greatly missed by us here. His replacement. Mrs. Vi Nguyen, is now here to help us. Mrs. Vi can be reached at her school number 713-500-7100 or her email at

Attention parents, the new website for school is now up and running. It can be viewed here at

March Week 4 Newsletter- Pollen Season

Spring is officially here and it is important to take certain safety precautions when it comes to sickness. Its the allergy season and there is a couple of things I would like all of us to keep in mind so we can all get through this as painlessly as possible.

1.) Know the Pollen Count. Check the local news and internet to consult what it is. If you and anyone in you family is sensitive let us know!

2.) Stay indoor! I cannot explain how important this is- people who are sensitive need to stay indoors- please let us know if your children are sensitive .

3.) Watch the video below-

Thank You

Van Phan

Pollen Counts