Museum Of Renaissance Inventors

Presenting: Inventors and their Inventions

Johannes Gutenberg

He invented the printing press in 1436 and completed it in 1440. This made the printing materials a lot cheaper. It made the production of books increase and also the development in sciences, arts, and religion through texts.

Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519)

He invented the army tank in 1487. His invention would that the tank would be able to move in any direction and was equipped with large amount of weapons. The circular part of the tank is where the men run the tank and where they store the light cannons. It is covered with a large protective cover like shell of a turtle. It is also reinforced with metal plates and is slanted to deflect the enemy fire.

Leonard (1510-1571) and Thomas (1545-1595) Digges

Leonard was a good mathematician and surveyor and well as a popularizer in science. His son Thomas followed in his same footsteps and he wrote about his dad. People say that these two invented the telescope but they aren't sure who really made it.

Galileo Galilei

Galileo made his thermometer around 1603. It is made of a glass cylinder with a clear liquid inside of it and several glass vessels of different densities. It is named after him because he discovered the principle on what the thermometer was based on.