Mold Magic

Which food will win the race to mold the fastest?


What food will mold the fastest?


The bread will mold the fastest because i have seen bread go bad more often than cheese or milk.


2. banana
3. bread
4. cheese
5. a camera
6. a place to store the food
7. paper and a pencil


1. Gather all food items to be observed
2. Put your solid objects on a plate
3. Pour the milk into a glass
4.Take pictures of the food when they are fresh
5. Put all the foods in a safe place with even temperatures. Do not let anyone touch the foods
6. Take a picture every few days for about a week
7. Record observations


The milk spoiled the quickest, already changing by day two. By day four, you could really see a change in the way it looked. I observed that the banana got brown and soft. The cheese hardened and looked powdery. The bread became as hard as a rock, similar to toast.


My hypothesis was incorrect. The milk actually molded first. I think this happened because the milk is the most reactive to warmer temperatures. Also, maybe the bread contained more preservatives. If the temperature was colder, the results may have been different.