Lets Get Outside!

By: Chrisann Rinael

There are Many Disadvantages to Screen Time

Kids all Over U.S. Aren't Getting Physical Exercise Daily!

  • Getting outside lets you interact with more people
  • Only 27% of kids from 9th-12th grade get 30 minutes of exercise daily

There are many Health Hazards that Come Along with Screen Time

  • A researcher at Harvard School of Public Health found that being a couch potato increases your risks of getting diabetes by 30%
  • Getting outside allows you to be more social in your everyday life

Don't Watch Too Much TV!

  • Did you know that the average person will watch TV for 4 hours in a day? That's 28 hours in a week and 1,460 hours in a year!
  • An additional one hour of outside time has decreased nearsightedness by 2%
Fox News: Dangers of Watching Too Much TV

Get off the Screen and Into the Real World!!