June 3 - Scholls Heights Knights

Parent/Guardian Newsletter

Principal Message

Dear Families,

It is hard to know what to say in times like these, as I do not want to say the wrong thing. However, I do not want my silence to be misinterpreted either. I am heartbroken by the racial injustices we have continued to witness, along with our nation’s history of systemic racism. Please know that I love each and every one of your children. It is my hope as an educator, and principal, to be a part of the solution. I would love to have conversations on how to make our school and our community an even better one. Please reach out anytime if you would like to talk. Prior to COVID, I had been planning to host regular “Principal Coffee Chats” during the 2020-2021 School Year. When we are able to get together, I hope you will engage in this important work with me.

With Love,


Here is an interview from USA Today titled, "George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. What do we tell our children?" that may be helpful.

June 11th Parking Lot Parade

Hi Everyone! We want to do something special for our students and especially our fabulous 5th Graders so we are organizing a Drive Through Our Parking Lot Parade on June 11.

Here is how we are hoping it will work. We will assign each grade level a time with our 5th graders coming last. We know that you may need to come at a different time or have multiple children and that is fine. Our hope is to spread the traffic out.

You will make a right turn into our parking lot and a right turn out. Staff will be lined up, social distancing, ready to wish students a great end of school year and summer. Please keep slowly moving and do not try to hand things from your car to staff. We need to keep the line moving.

Fifth grade students will pick up their yearbook as they exit the parking lot to the right.

Here are the suggested times:

Kinder 2:00-2:15

First 2:20-2:35

Second 2:40-2:55

Third 3:00-3:15

Fourth 3:20-3:35


Fifth 3:55-4:25

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Big picture

Summer Directory

We know the end of this school year comes with bittersweet feelings. Even though zoom calls seem so impersonal they have helped keep our kiddos connected when they can't be together in person. As those formal meetings end in 2 weeks we wanted to help facilitate those connections over the summer. We have created a 'Summer Directory' that will give families contact information of peers (and parents) to help kids email, call or zoom each other over the summer while social distancing protocols require.

This Directory will be informal and only for this school year going into summer. Immediately in the fall we will send out another form that will be more formal for the 2020-2021 school year once teachers are assigned and kids can be grouped by class.

Filling this out is OPTIONAL! If you do fill out out then you consent for PTO to only include your information in a file that will be privately shared with other Scholls Heights families that have also filled out the form.


Brianna Cristea & Alli Ziarnik
PTO Co-Presidents


If you checked out a Chromebook, please keep this until we return to school in the fall. If you are moving, please contact Donna Romadka (donna_romadka@beaverton.k12.or.us) to let her know and to make arrangements to return the school's Chromebook.

Play Fit Fun

Play Fit Fun is hosting a fundraiser to help donate sports equipment to kids in need. If you would like to donate a bag, here is the link. Your donation will help bring equipment to kids in need. More information is below:

Play.Fit.Fun is very excited to produce our Kids Action Bags program this summer...donating balls and sporting good to families that need a helping hand.

In each donated bag a family will receive 4 items: 1-2 sports balls, a Frisbee, a jump rope, a play ground/wall ball and/or a handheld ball to have fun with. Items will vary.

Balls, Jump Ropes, Flying Discs and other sports gear make it possible for kids to get out of the house...get active...have fun...and build healthy life habits!!

Each Kids Action Bag only costs $20.00 each. You can buy 1 more of them for donation.

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Beaverton Library

Here are just a few things the library is doing this summer.

Beaverton City Library’s Summer Reading Program starts June 1st!

Visit our website for all the details for kids, teens, and adults.

2 minute SRP video (English/Spanish): https://youtu.be/DYavvm4l-88

Live Events:

Beaverton City Library has live events online nearly every day this summer! Gaming, art activities, trivia, show & tell, storytimes and more! Check them out at https://www.beavertonlibrary.org/calendar.aspx?CID=39

Family Activities:

Need something to do anytime? Beaverton City Library hosts digital escape rooms, an around the town Pigeon scavenger hunt, YouTube STEM activities and a lot more! See what we have in store for you this summer!


Library Updates:

The library buildings will remain closed through (at least) May 31. Our staff are working on ways to safely let you use our books and materials again. All physical library materials are not due until June 30, so keep enjoying your books at home until the buildings re-open. We will update our website and social media as soon as there is more news.

English: https://www.beavertonlibrary.org/412/BCL-At-Home

Spanish: https://www.beavertonlibrary.org/414/BCL-en-casa

Please let me know what questions, ideas, thoughts you have.

I’m here to help you,

Jennifer Wolf

Children’s Librarian

Beaverton City Library | 12375 SW 5th St | Beaverton, OR 97005


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Kindergarten registration for Fall, 2020, is open! Students must be five years of age on or before September 1st, per State Statute, and live within the attendance boundary of our school. We invite you to register early as this assists us in confirming enrollment for staffing purposes.

New student registrations can be completed online. Go to the Beaverton School District Website/Enrolling Your Child (under quick links at the bottom of the main page). Be sure to register for the 2020-2021 School year.

The office staff is happy to help you with registration and to answer any questions.

Phone: 503.356-2460 or email: donna_romadka@beaverton.k12.or.us

Next Year Planning

In an effort to assist us with our planning for the 2020-2021 school year, we request that you notify us whether or not your child will NOT be returning to Scholls Heights Elementary School or MAY NOT be returning for the 2020-2021 school year. In order to predict accurate enrollment for the upcoming school year, we need this information as soon as possible. Please email Donna Romadka at donna_romadka@beaverton.k12.or.us if your child is not returning or may not be returning in the fall. Thank you.