Steven King's

The girl who loved Tom Gordon

Author information

Author:Stephen King

Cover artist :Shasti O'Leary

Country:United States




Publication date

April 6, 1999

Media type Print (Hardcover)

Pages 224

ISBN 978-0-684-86762-5

Main Conflict

Trisha McFarland is on a hike with her brother Pete and her mother but her mom and her brother are always arguing because Pete wants to live with their dad and Trisha didn't like that so she fell a little behind and she wondered into the forest to catch up to them but gets lost all because she had to pee....

How the conflict was resolved

With the faith of Tom Gordon to aid her through her darkest hours, Trisha learns that she, too, has ice water in her veins. The little girl summons the courage and faith she needs to survive loneliness, hunger, and the threat posed by an unknown creature which stalks her through the forest. In the end, Trisha saves herself, and perhaps even her family, with whom she is ultimately reunited. The crisis brings her family closer together, and Trisha learns that no matter what curve balls life may throw at her, she is capable of standing up to them.


the tone is a more fearful tone because Trisha gets lost in the woods and is scared out of her mind until later in the book she gets rid of it then has hope she will find her way through the woods.


Man vs. Nature

Ever since the beginning of human existence, men have been always been tested against nature. Stephen King has changed this to a little girl against nature. She must use her courage and bravery in order to escape the woods. She must have the characteristics of determination and strength to accomplish her goal of surviving.


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