By: Raul Ambrosio & Alvaro Altamirano

Who invented the game? When and where was it invented?

It was invented in the 1800’s in India known as Poona by Duke of Beaufort.

How is the badminton court similar to and different from Pickleball?

Badminton court is 22 by 44 feet. The court is cut up into different sections for many different reasons.

What are the basic rules of badminton?

To win a set you have to score 21 points. To score you have to make it hit the ground on the opposite side. If the ball hits on the line or inside the court it is a point.

What are the shots used in badminton?

Handshake Grip, Backhand Serve, Forehand Serve, Overhead Clear, Sidearm Stroke, Underhand Clear, Backhand Stroke,

List three interesting facts about badminton

· Is played with 2 or more opponents.

· Was invented in the 1800’s

· The military army played it and brought it back to England.