Martin Luther!!!

BY Steven, Coleton, Julianne, Marcus👊🏼

Personal History

His parents were of peasant linage. At 7, Martin entered a school in Mansfield. In 1517 Leo X announced a new valid of indulgences to help build st. peters basilica.

Where is he from?

Eisleben, Germany. He was born on November 10th, 1483

What was his impact on Reformation?

Martin Luther had probably the most influential impact on the Reformation, seeing as he is the one who started the whole thing after all. Luther discovered that he had a few problems with the way that the Catholic church ran things, so he developed a list of ninety-five specific problems that he had with the church, and posted it on the front door of the Church of England. After some time, the printing press got ahold of his ideas and published them, spreading his work like wildfire across all of Europe. This caused a large Reformation in the Catholic church, developing into a protestant religion instead. He believed that Catholic priests had no more authority over the church than any other religious member. He also believed that Bibles didn’t need to be only printed in Latin, and that more than just Priests could interpret scripture.

His methods eventually became known to some German priests who then started calling themselves Ministers instead of priests, started marrying, wearing normal attire, and began preaching the Gospel in German rather than Latin.

Why was he famous?

He challenged the office of the Pope and stated that the Holy Bible is the only real source of Christian documents. He was the one known for starting the Protestant Reformation.

Interesting Facts

He helped shape the religion, and he changed his name. His original name was Martin Luder. He also promoted faith no indulgences. He had a miraculous religious conversion, there was a huge storm and he prayed to be saved. He was saved and vowed to become a monk.