Social Studies Update

May 2016

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Instructional Technology Tools for the Social Studies Classroom

May 31st

Session ID Number: 367195

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Driving on the Right Side of the Road

June 1st

Session ID Number: 369429

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Social Studies Extravaganza: There is Something Special in the Air!

Day One: June 9th

There is Something Special in the Air!

Satisfies 6 hour GT Update

Keynote Speaker: Mary Beth Tinker from the Tinker v. Des Moines Supreme Court Case

Session ID Number: 45991

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Twitter Professional Development

June 14th: Instructional Technology Tools

Session ID Number: 387726

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Law Related Education: Summer Workshop Series

Day One: Federalism and Constitutional Challenges: Articles of Confederation to 1870

June 20th

Session ID Number: 368268

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Day Two - Federalism and Constitutional Challenges: 1870's to Present Day

June 21st

Session ID Number: 368273

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Day Three - Analyzing American Political Divisions

June 22nd

Session ID Number: 368277

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Day Four - Oyez, Oyez: Supreme Court Cases

June 23rd

Session ID Number: 368285

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Best Practice Series

Differentiation and Vocabulary Activities- Part II

June 27th

Session ID Number:42973

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Instructional Technology for Elementary Teachers

June 28th

Session ID Number: 42975

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2016 Accountability

New passing rates have been set by TEA.

8th Grade: 54%

They need to correctly answer two more questions than last year.

High School US History: 44%

They need to correctly answer two more questions than last year.

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Learning Opportunities for Students and Teachers

Summer 2016 Youth Classes

JUNE 6-10

Hands on learning for kids GRADES 1-5


Click HERE for the link to information and registration.

Personal Financial Literacy Course- Training Opportunities and Teacher Resources

Humanities Texas Summer Professional Development

In June 2016, Humanities Texas will hold a series of FREE three-day professional development institutes for middle school and high school social studies teachers in Texas schools.

The programs are free of charge to teachers and their schools. Participants will receive a $200 stipend, as well as CPE credit and a wealth of curricular materials. On-campus housing is available to out–of–town teachers at no cost. Teachers will be reimbursed for approved travel costs up to $300. For more details about arrangements and eligible expenses, please see the Humanities Texas website.

The institutes this summer include:

From Jefferson to Jackson

Dates: June 6–9, 2016

City: Houston, Texas

Location: University of Houston

Coverage: U.S. history in the late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries.

From Colonists to Revolutionaries

Dates: June 12–15, 2016

City: San Antonio, Texas

Location: The University of Texas at San Antonio

Coverage: U.S. history from the periods of exploration to revolution, with additional consideration of Texas during the Mexican national and revolutionary periods.

Post-War America, 1945–1960

Dates: June 13-16, 2016

City: Austin, Texas

Location: The University of Texas at Austin

Coverage: U.S. history from 1945 to 1960.

How to apply

Visit the Humanities Texas website for further information or apply here:

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Online Workshops

These courses are self-paced. They MUST be completed by April 29th in order to receive the 6 to 12 hours of CPE credit. You may register at any time throughout the Spring.

Conceptual Planning in Social Studies

Session ID Number: 43244

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Formative Assessment in a Nutshell

Session ID Number: 43248

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Online Book Study: “Why Won’t You Just Tell Us the Answer?” Teaching Historical Thinking in Grades 7-12

Session ID Number: 367423

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