Design Studio 5

Volume 5: September 20, 2014

We have a new mascot!

In a modeling of the democratic process, the students of EPiC Elementary selected their new mascot this week. It came down to 3 choices: the EPiC Eels, the EPiC Explorers, and the EPiC Inventors. The choice was revealed at an all school assembly (that was a blast BTW) and we are down officially the.....EPiC Explorers. What a great choice for our school because we are really trying to provide opportunities for kids to explore their own strengths, passions, and learning in many different ways throughout the year.

We must say how proud we were of many of our fifth graders who participated in this whole process from making announcements in each of the classrooms and then leading our assembly. It takes a lot of nerve to get up in front of a large group of people and speak. They did marvelous!

Mrs. Caywood and Mrs. Hunerdosse

Learning Was Poppin' Up Everywhere!

Studio 5 Experimental Design

Learning This Week:

ELA--Students were to turn in their personal narrative final drafts this past Friday. We will be checking those over the weekend and returning them to students next week. These will be added to their writer's notebooks as part of their 20 pages due at the end of the quarter. We have been working on our researching skills for reading instruction the past week and will now use that research to create visual displays for our Native American Cultures Exhibit.

SS--Students have been working in small groups to research a particular Native American tribe. We are learning about these diverse cultures and what their lives were like prior to exploration. We will work on these displays all week and complete them on Thursday. This will include research writing that can also be added to their 20 pages of writing due at the end of the quarter. Whatever writing the student contributes to the display can be printed and taped in their writer's notebook as well.

Science--We are starting our individual science projects for our science exhibits. Once we get these started, students will work each day to prepare for "Conducting Day" where students will each conduct their experiment and run all their trials. From there, we will be showing them how to analyze their data, write conclusions that showcase their learning, and create exhibition boards. These boards will include both traditional tri-folds and digital media.

Math--We took our Chapter 1 Test on Friday. Your child will receive that back this week along with a note for your reference as the cover. This note will show you and your child the standards for Chapter 1 and where they are performing on their daily work and on the final test towards that goal. Please remember that some of these goals are continued to be work on throughout the school year, so even if your child is still struggling with a particular goal or two--those standards will be continued to be reinforced to allow your child to show progress towards mastery. Also, students have the opportunity to correct and return papers, but we have a specific format for doing so on tests. They have to rewrite the problem on another piece of paper, correct the mistake, and tell why they missed it the first time. These are then stapled to the original test and returned to the turn in basket. We will regrade them and return them to the student. Please know that in elementary school a test is only one opportunity to see how your child is progressing. EVERY DAY we are measuring their progress and adjusting instruction to help them with areas they are struggling. We have switched to a new curriculum this year and we are finding that there has been some variation in what students come to us knowing because of being in 10 different schools. These all present adjustment challenges for students.