Tech Training with Julie & Clarissa

From 3-4 & get 1 hour of PD with it!!!

Join Julie & Clarissa for fun on the computer...

We'll be sharing some tips & tricks to make using technology more enjoyable!

Here are the dates below!

We will have ecampus sign up as well! Here are the dates you can put on your calendar. We tried to include some Mondays & some Thursdays.

4/3 -

4/7 -

4/17 -


4/28 -

5/5 -

5/12 -

Some of our topics will include:

Google, Google +, Google Hangouts & Communities, ScreenCast -o- Matic, Creating Youtube accounts, Movie Maker, Camera & Scanner tips & tricks, Great Websites and much more...

Guaranteed to be relaxing and fun!