Dartmouth Update

October 18, 2021

Celebrating the Constitutional Convention with Class

With George Washington at the helm, the delegates sent by twelve of our thirteen original states labored for four months, debated over the changes needed to create our nation's constitution. Sworn to secrecy, the delegates made crucial compromises and unified their visions to form our amazing national government.
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Project Lead the Way Student Showcase

Miss Brown and Mrs. Chiu's Project Lead the Way classes spent this past Thursday showcasing their STEM projects and creations to Dartmouth students and staff. Creativity, precision, and a whole lot of persistence combined to make each project specialized to meet challenging criteria and create personalized inventions, structures, and creations. Our STEM students carefully detailed their projects to others with refined levels of clarity and pride.
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Help Support our STEM Clubs by Eating Pizza This Thursday

Please help us celebrate and support our STEM clubs this Thursday, October 21st at MOD Pizza at 5130 Cherry Avenue (Almaden Ranch Plaza). Use the code GR203726D if you order online or just tell them you are supporting Dartmouth when you pay and 20% of your dinner price will go directly to support our STEM clubs.

Cheeseball Tossing Spectacular

The Dartmouth Student Leadership Team sponsored an exciting lunchtime cheeseball tossing contest this past Friday with students and teachers using all of their superpowers to toss, dodge, and delight in a sea of shaving cream, shower caps, and cheeseballs. The crowd went wild cheering on the contestants with shouts of "More Cheeseballs!" throughout the event. Way to go Student Leadership Team!!!
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Helping Keep our Community Thriving

With a few weeks of onsite COVID testing behind us, our ability to track and stop the spread of COVID has increased significantly. Mask wearing, hand washing, vaccinations, and weekly COVID testing reduces the opportunities for the virus to spread in our school community. Though diligent following of these protocols may feel inconvenient at times, keeping our families healthy and our school doors open are well worth it.

Dr. Andrews shares her thoughts on the health and safety of our school district in her latest newsletter: Superintendent Andrews' Message.

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Important Dates

10/18: Second Quarter Begins

10/18: Red Ribbon Week Begins

10/27: First Quarter Grades Sent Out

10:27: College Day

10/29: 7th/8th Social/Dance- 4:00 to 5:30 pm