The Hunger Games Catching Fire

BY N.Janosky

Their once Was a girl named Katiness she was picked for a thing called the hunger games used to see how they survived so shed got picked out a gar you had to survive the hunger games was when you had to survive until the end you would have to hunt and kill to survive. here is a discription.
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 "The Hanging Tree" Scene [HD]


In this story t heir was a girl named Katiness was once a young bold girl she loved archery their was a picking a group of people to stay survive Katiness was a great archer she knew she could beleive in herself.
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The mocking jay symbol is a symbol of passion power strength and forgiveness used by Katiness she had gave it to her little sister for passion told that she would be back she said ok.