By: Mya


Ponies have fur. You can ride them. They are kind and loyal. They have short legs and sleek bodies. Horses have hoofed feet. The hooves and teeth continue to grow throughout the horse's life. Horses have a mane. They have large nostrils that let them get lots of air quickly.


Ponies drink water ponies ans eat hay. They eat fresh green grass, but also horses eat leaves. They eat holly leaves, gorse bushes, young twigs or to dig with thier hoofs for plants roots.

Ponies Are Cool!


They live in farms in the country. They live in the United States and other places around the world. They like grassy areas that have shade.


A pony is a small horse, less than 58 inches tall at the shoulder. Horses are closely related to the zebra and donkey. Mules are the offspring of donkeys and horses.

Interesting Facts

Ponies sleep standing up, but if they feel safe, they will sleep lying down. They have live babies. They are mammals. They can eat 30 pounds of grass a day.